Curtains are the most widely used window treatment that gives you privacy and the best light controlling functionality. Drapes look like curtains, but they come in thicker fabric as compared to curtains.

Custom drapes are great because they are designed perfectly to cover your windows completely. Because you will usually choose your fabric with a designer, then take professional measurements and put up your drapes to fit in front of your wall or window. As we know, this process will be tedious and require a handsome investment. If money is not an issue, you can go with the drapes of your choice.

In today’s tutorial, we will tell you the perfect method for how to hang curtains to get a custom look. With the right tools and measurements, you can achieve the Ideal Drapes Look at a low cost without sacrificing quality.

Material Required For This Purpose

Different materials are necessary to hang the curtains, like custom drapes, that are listed below:

  • Curtains rod
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Drapery pins
  • Drapery rings
  • Drill Machine

Steps By Step Method Of Hanging Curtains So They Look Like Custom Drapes

To hang the curtains perfectly so that they will give a unique look like custom drapes, you must follow the step-by-step procedure that we are going to tell you. Follow the steps given below to achieve better results:

1. Take Proper Measurements

Before you place an order for custom curtains, you must take the perfect measurements of the window on which you are going to hang the curtains. Don’t measure just once; measure at least twice so that you will get the exact size of the curtains.

You will never want to hang curtains that are too long or too short because they cannot give the best appearance. Once you have the height and width of your wall, the next step is to decide the length of your curtains.

2. Get The High-quality Curtains Rod

A high-quality rod is the most important element that is necessary to get a perfect custom drapery look. For that purpose, take the proper measurement of your window frame and then go to the market to get the perfect length of rod.

After getting the rod, you must decide at which length you want to hang your curtain. Once you decide on the proper length, take the drill machine and install the rod onto the wall.

3. Get The Drapery Pins And Rings To Hang The Curtains Properly

Many people hang their curtains directly on the rod without the help of any other material. It’s not “wrong” at the moment, but it will not give your drapes the luxurious appearance that you are looking for. Try to get the drapery pins and rings so that you will achieve the required results from the curtains. You can easily get these items from the market at very low prices.

Using rings with eyelets at the bottom allows your curtains to hang perfectly from the rod and also allows you to move the curtains easily in order to open and close them. This is the primary key to getting the custom drapery look, so never ever miss this step.

4. Place The Drapery Pins At The Perfect Distance

To give the perfect pleats to your drapes, place the drapery pins at the proper distance so that they will let your curtain give a folded look and create amazing pleats. Try to give the folds a forward look because it will give your curtains a custom look.

5. Hang The Drapery Rings Onto The Rod

Now it’s time to hang the drapery rings on the curtain rod. Place all the rings one by one because they are the key items that make your curtains attach perfectly to the rod.

6. Slip The Pins Into Eyelets And Hang The Curtains On Rod

At this step, attach your curtains with each drapery pin and then take the curtains towards the rod. Then clip these pins into the rings that you have attached to the rod. After attaching all the pins to the rings, move the curtains and cover the window to get an idea of whether you have properly done this task. 

7. Steam Your Curtains To Get a Perfect Look

At this step, steam the curtains with a streamer so that they will be hung in a neat and clean manner. This will give a perfect appearance to your drapes and can attract the attention of every eye that falls on them.


By using the methods that are given above, you can transform the look of standard curtains into customized ones. We hope this tutorial is useful to you and that you can achieve the desired look with your drapes. Despite that, if you have any confusion or are facing difficulty while doing this, you can post a comment and tell us. Our professionals are available 24/7 to consult and help you solve the problems you are facing.