Buying clothes for someone else is often fraught with danger. Some people simply prefer to buy their own, and there is the potential for embarrassment if the recipient just doesn’t like the gifter’s choice.

However, gifting baby clothes can help parents get through the early months of parenthood when they are spending money continuously as their offspring grows.

Of course, asking your friend for advice on what they need will help but this will take away the surprise. So, if you need a few pointers then this short article is here to help.

Is it a good idea to give clothes as a gift to someone else’s baby?

There are very good reasons for buying baby clothes as a gift for a relative or a friend, including the financial assistance you will provide. The USDA released a report on the cost of raising a child. This report estimated that parents spend up to $1,100 on baby clothes for the first 2 years.

Even if parents are on the lower end of the scale, they are still likely to need a spare $60 a month for baby clothes including pajamas, rompers, and outdoor garments. As a baby grows out of his or her clothes, they will need replacements, and of course, the seasons change so an assortment of clothing needs to be available for wearing indoors and outdoors.

Tips on buying baby clothing as a gift

One way to conveniently purchase clothing as a gift is to go online. Look at a baby clothing website where you can scroll through visuals of pajamas, bonnets, footies, and other potential gifts.

Ideally, try to find one that has a chat feature where you can discuss your needs and receive some advice in return. However, before you make your decisions ensure you fully understand the return policy the site has.

Here are a few other brief tips on buying baby clothes for someone else.

Keep the receipt

If you decide to go and purchase your baby clothes in-store then keep the receipt. If you have made any kind of mistake with sizing or material choice, then you will be able to change them or get credit. This will take a lot of risk out of buying baby clothes for your friend.

Understand what you are buying

If you don’t have a baby it might seem a little overwhelming trying to buy clothing. You may not understand what a romper suit is, or what on Earth a footie could be. But, the internet is your friend, and store assistants will be happy to help you.

Alternatively, just ask a friend who is a parent to accompany you or give you some ideas. They will likely tell you what was most needed when they had their baby, and what would make a useful gift.

Pass on your baby’s clothes

You don’t need an excuse such as a birthday to give a parent a gift. If you have clean unblemished baby clothes that your little ones have grown out of then pass them on. As a parent yourself you will understand the costs involved in dressing a baby as they continue to grow.

It is estimated that around 183 million pieces of children’s clothes go to landfill every year. With so much clothing going to waste it is a shame not to pass down your pre-loved baby clothes.

Choose bigger sizes

It is common for parents to receive clothing when a newborn arrives, and they are usually well-catered for the first few months of their lives. So, consider buying clothes that they will grow into.

A baby grows at a quite staggering rate. Babies can use high chairs at 6 months old as they will normally have grown big enough by then. Therefore, you may want to consider gifting clothes for a baby that is 6 months or even a year old.

Consider the season and weather

Okay, so you have chosen to buy clothes that are aimed at babies 6 months older than your friend’s, but have you considered what season it will be then? When buying larger baby clothes as a gift, think about what time of the year they will be used in, and what temperatures will be in play.


You may also want to consider what material is used, and perhaps choose gender-neutral colors if you are buying clothes before the baby arrives. You can find a lot of assistance both online and in-store if you are struggling to choose baby clothes, and if you are in some doubt, just ask another parent what they would advise.

And if you truly don’t know what to buy, or are feeling completely overwhelmed by the sheer variety of baby clothes on display, just buy a gift card instead.