For You Page is the first page you are landing when opening the Tiktok app. It is where Tiktok algorithm works out to personalize and cater relevant content for each user. It shows you videos of Tiktok channels you followed or interacted before (like, comment, complete video, share); as well as videos from new channels that Tiktok thinks you may like based on data collected while you are using the app. It is intelligent enough to know which type of content you watch the most, for how long, each individual For You page is different, no two are exactly the same. 

Sometimes you may see a not very appealing video on your feed, it does not have many hearts, or comments or great content. And you skipped it instantly with no hesitation. So why did Tiktok deliver me that low-quality video? How does Tiktok algorithm actually work?

The answer is: Tiktok algorithm is unknown for folks, no one can known exactly how it actually works.

In this post, I will make it clear how to avoid being ignored like that low-quality video and approach more and more organic views on Tiktok.

As Tiktok don’t want their users to watch low standard videos, they keep upgrading their app to filter out which is good and meet its standards. 

Benefits of getting on For You Page

  • Organic follower: New audience will come naturally, though you can only make money on Tiktok with Creator fund when you get 10K followers. But at the moment, that is not the first priority, followers are real customers and could be converted in the future.
  • Business opportunity: you don’t know who you audience is, but one thing you know for sure that they care about your niche, and if you do it right, a few of them can turn into key customers in the future.
  • Convert to your website: in some industries, it’s more intuitive to learn more about how legit is your business, and Tiktok videos is the successful first step in this customer journey.

What make your videos appear For You Page

  • User interaction
  • User can interact with a video in many ways: view length (percent), like, comment, share. Each combine to make a total interaction score for that video. The video keep spreading wider as long as the interaction score is still high.
  • Hashtag
  • At the moment, hashtag is still a good compass to guide Tiktok what your video is about, don’t abuse it, but use it correctly. Tiktok can deliver it to the viewers care about that hashtag topic, and keep the interaction to that video.
  • Content
  • As they said, content is king. Invest in new, interesting and creative content is the key to any channel successful. Don’t stress yourself to be uniquely newly that no one else ever done. You can reuse an old type of content but renovate it in a better way.
  • Niche Consistency
  • Every Tiktok channel is a person or a brand, consistency helps viewers identify and remember you better. For example, you remeber Khaby Lame for his reaction of silly things human done, just one type of content.
  • Eye and Ear
  • As I said before, you get their eyes with vivid video, catchy effects, it satisfies their eyes. And don’t forget that their ears also need being cared. A good and suitable sounds can elevate your video and touch their emotion better.
  • Catch the trend
  • Get attention to the current trends, which attracts the crowd, and be creative to transform it to fit your channel. There will be a lot of videos following the trends, so you have to create an idea that is both following the trend whereas still expose your unique. 
  • Trends can bring flows of organic traffic to channel which can boost your channel over night fame. Market4gamers has Tiktok accounts about many topics, with many videos following the trends and earn thousand views.

In conclusion, focus on your content first, don’t be over expect of being appear on For You page from the very first video. Keep practicing and try out each tactics to reach more, after all content is what people will know you. If you want to earn money from this platform, there will a lot of effort to make then.