Rugs add a unique decoration element to your place. Undoubtedly there are various rug types at the rug store. Perhaps there are three basic rug types. Contemporary, traditional and transitional. When you ask an expert what kind of transitional rug should I buy, they will always say it all depends on your choice

Rug buying is indeed a tough process. You can buy transitional rugs easily in the home centers and the rug store. However, choosing a transitional rug mainly depends on the homeowner’s choice. Usually, most people focus on size, on the other hand, most of them look for decorative elements.

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 The most important parameter, however, is the rug material.  For this reason, before visiting any rug store, adequate education is necessary.  Before buying any transitional rugs, consider all of the below-mentioned parameters. 

There are three main factors that 

  1. Look at the construction of the rug 
  2. Rugs material 
  3. Consider style

Look at the construction of the rug 

At rug stores, transitional area rugs exist in an ample variety. Therefore, choose wisely. Usually, the rug manufacturers utilize fibers or looms by machines. However, on the other side, a high craftsmanship defines transitional rugs.

Furthermore, there are many elegant and popular designs that are available in rug stores. Again there is a wide variety of rugs online so that people can easily buy what fits in their range.

 Transitional rugs are 

  • Hand-knotted 
  • Hooked and tufted rugs 
  •  Handwoven rugs 
  • Braided rugs

Hooked and tufted rugs 

Hooked and tufted rugs have a great look. These rugs are constructed pushing yarn into fabric bases. At the rug store, these fabrics are attached to the back of rugs. This process generally converts the rug into tufts. 

As a matter of fact, the main difference between the two types, piles height. Tufted rugs are generally constructed in a way that they may have a high and dense pile. For manufacturing hooked rugs, extra fiber is left so that they may get a rounded appearance. 


In the case of hand-knotted rugs, rug manufacturers usually run the warps, which are yarn columns, and run vertically across the other loops. In the next step, wool is tufted on both sides. Consequently, the end product is a finely knotted rug. Together with knots, a high pile is also constructed.

Remember hand-knotted rugs are the most expensive of all. They are not only created by the rug weavers but also take a lot of time to complete.  Furthermore, they are highly durable.  Of course these rugs have a long life and last for many generations. 

If you really wish for transitional highlights, you can definitely buy hand-knotted rugs with transitional tangs. Indeed this rug construction is only suitable for low traffic area 

Hand Woven

At rug stores, near manufacturing points, handwoven or flatweave rugs are generated by using various methods. Certainly, these rugs are tightly woven, so they have a long life span.

Generally, the resultant rug after warping is highly flat. In the case of flat weave rugs, there are no knots, it covers the top and bottom. Unquestionably these rugs are highly reversible. 

Braided rugs

In the past, during colonial homes, braided rugs were usually used. braided rugs are designed by flat braid or cloth braid mechanisms. Usually, the braided rugs are plush and luxurious. In short, wool rugs have a good thickness. Braided rugs are not only reversible but also have a long life. Braided rugs are available at any rug store. 

 Rugs material

When it is all about choosing a transitional rug, most people prefer silk or wool. Not only the transitional rugs from wool are high quality but they are also exceptionally beautiful. Again, these rugs can last for years. The most common rug material you can get certainly at rug store include 

  1. Silk 
  2. Wool 
  3. Synthetic  materials 

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Transitional rugs from silk are usually from the silk cocoons . These rugs generally take extra care and concern. Undoubtedly needs most of the attention. Silk is unquestionably the most expensive material.  Transitional rugs based on silk have this unique characteristic

  • It has a unique and plush feel.
  • These rugs have shiny lustrous surfaces and elegant looks
  • They are non allergic.
  • Mildews and molds cannot affect them.
  • Mostly static. 
  • They are sturdy.

 If you are really for a high-quality transitional rug you can easily opt for this option.


Usually, the main sources for wool are sheep. Again it comes from the angora goats. Not to mention these rugs are the top-notch choice is the transitional category 

  • Wool based rugs are resistant to stains and spills.
  •  These rugs can maintain their shape for a long time. They are not good for high traffic areas.
  • Wool rugs maintain the moisture and humidity of your home. As they can easily absorb the moisture and temperature. 
  • Remember, wool rugs cannot bear the harsh pressure or cleaning. Try applying a soft vacuum or simply wash and dry. 

Synthetic Materials

Although most people love the rugs derived from natural materials. Anyhow rugs also come from them and are man-made material as well. Most common synthetic materials include nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, and viscose. Polypropylene is an amazing choice for transitional rugs. These are stain-resistant as well as they can handle high moisture levels.

 Consider Style

 As a matter of fact,  transitional rugs exist in various types. You can buy both the traditional and contemporary touch. At rug stores, you can get the one you want for your home.


Modern or contemporary rugs are trending these days. These trends vary every moment. At rug stores, you can find contemporary rugs as a unique mix of abstract designs, simple patterns, and attractive bold colors. The color palette and artistic features of a contemporary rug works greatly in transitional homes. You can use transitional rugs, regardless of location and home style.


Traditional rugs are mainly from Persian and oriental regions. Although these rugs have repetitive patterns with subtle color palettes, they feature an extraordinary look. Traditional rugs have overwhelmingly complex designs. Perhaps at rug stores, you can get floral geometrical and trellis patterns on rug borders.

Final thoughts

Transitional rugs are getting famous among the people.  Without any question, you can buy one for your place. Transitional rugs easily combine with traditional and modern rug styles. Last but not least, the choice is all yours. You can get the rug that fits in your decoration styles and can also just go for the simple colors, designs, and patterns.