Elden Ring is a medieval fantasy gaming game that has won over all gamers. It’s been described by critics as a masterpiece and a reimagining of a genre. It’s been highly praised by its combat abilities by players from all over the United Kingdom and around the globe, including Australia , Canada, Australia and other countries. There have been many walkthrough questions regarding How to get To Melania Eldenring due to her being the most difficult boss. This article will walk you through how to not only defeat but also get her out of combat.

The backstory about Malenia’s character

Malenia, a character from the mythos Elden Ring is one of the most powerful, and she is also a twin for Miquella. Her steampunk design featuring a metallic arm & leg has been widely praised, making her a standout character. She is one among the most powerful characters of Empyreans.

How to get to Melania Elden Ring Should you fight her?

Her unique trait is that this quest can be done independently. Players must instead go on side quests. Due to her extraordinary power levels and difficulties, Malenia is one the most enjoyable characters to face. Malenia can heal on a consistent basis and can also weaken your health bars.

Is she the toughest boss in the game.

Yes, Melania has a high difficulty level, so it is not part the main storytelling.

Get to Melania Elden Ring

To find the boss you are looking for, you need to get a secret medallion with Secret Haligrate. You will then need to find the crystal lake cave near south Liurnia lakes and pass through it. It’s located right near the waterline on the map. The final step is to defeat the mini-boss in order to obtain the wolf’s shack.

Follow the cave route to reach the wood structure. The village will be found by the way you have traveled. Malenia is waiting to fight with you.

Ways you can defeat Malenia?

How Do I Get To Melania Elden? Defeating her takes a lot more skill than just using the right countermeasures. Here are some examples of employee-friendly methods.

Using duplicate She is well-known for her incredible ferocity. Her ability to instantly attack the player, inflicting damage. A clone can be created by mimic tears. It will allow you to live for longer periods of time with better health and more time. For the ability to match her powers, you can upgrade your skill level to 9 or 10.

Constant attacks – Just one attack can ruin your health. Therefore, it is best to continue attacking her in a consistent manner. It may work in your favor to not allow her attack.


You’ve now learned The Best Way to Get to Melania Eldenring. Now, you can defeat her and win. Her powers make her a difficult boss, but defeating her can be satisfying.

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