Having a car is one thing, but making the most out of it is usually quite another. We often take our vehicles for granted and perhaps even begrudge having to pay for insurance, tax and maintenance of them. Yet how different – and more difficult – would your life be if you didn’t have a car? How different would it be if you didn’t take proper care of the one you had and had to keep spending even more money on it? With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to get the most out of your car. 


When you properly maintain your car – and continue to do so for the vehicle’s life – you’ll find you really are getting the most out of it in the most literal sense. The more you take care of the car, the longer it will run, and the less it will cost you overall. Of course, all cars have to be replaced eventually, but if you can put this off for as long as possible (without compromising your safety), the better. 

You don’t have to do the maintenance work yourself unless you are confident and have the skills and knowledge necessary, although it can be fun to learn. If you prefer to let the experts take control, just make sure you have the car serviced regularly, and should you feel anything is wrong, you get it checked out quickly. 


Getting the most out of your car isn’t just about the way it runs or how long it lasts; it’s also about being as comfortable as possible when you’re driving and about enjoying the car as much as you can. If you love your car, you’ll be much more likely to take better care of it, and if you personalise your car, you’ll love it even more. 

One great way to personalise the vehicle would be to put DVLA private plates on it. Since you can choose from all kinds of different plates, you might opt for your name, initials, where you live, your occupation, a favourite hobby, and more. Even better, this plate can be put on any car you own, so you can have it forever. You could also use car seat covers, put in a new gear stick knob, or add decorations to your car to make it feel like yours. 

Drive Smoothly 

A little tip to help you make the most out of your car is to drive smoothly. That means keeping the car at a constant speed when you are able to, rather than a lot of braking and accelerating. To ensure this happens, you can use cruise control or a speed limiter. 

Why is this a problem? Firstly, it’s more comfortable as a driver and even more so as a passenger if the drive is a smoother one. Secondly, it’s better for the car. When you keep accelerating and then slowing down, you use more fuel (which is costly), but you also wear the engine out more quickly. If you want to get the most out of your car and ensure it’s more fuel-efficient, smoother driving is crucial.