Speedcubing is one of the most popular and best puzzle games of the 21st century. Moreover it is the quickest sport too. This guide will especially guide you on how to select the Best Rubik and will help you to understand how to play it as a beginner or how to be a pro too. If you are a newcomer, or somewhat a starter, you must first of all know the proper techniques of playing before purchasing the best Rubik’s cube

No doubt there are so many things that are taken into consideration while buying speed cube but most of the puzzles share the commonalities. The Internet is genuinely flooded with the inventors of this puzzle/sport. Some of the popular and best cubes inventors are : GAN, MoYu, Qiyi, YJ. Yuxin and some of the other representatives. This artefact will surely aid you in selecting the best Rubik cube in 2021.

Everyone prefers different ways and characteristics while choosing a Rubik’s cube, but the majority share common notions. As it is a critical sort of sport so it is an amalgamated form of attributes a cube carries. They are so beneficial in acknowledging all inclusive traits a cube has to possess. Some of them are as follows:


Speedcubes are of two types in general 

Fast Turning Cubes and Smooth Turning Cubes

  • Fast Turning Cubes

These cubes reduce the lubricating effect between the surfaces of the cube. It means that there is very less friction. So this requires less exertion instead. This cube is helpful in functioning the algorithms and you will finally come to the aim soon. 

  • Smooth Turning Cubes 

In contrast to the fast turning cubes these have more friction between the two surfaces of the cubes and ultimately increases the lubrication. More effort is produced in this. 

So we can’t make a proper decision while selecting such characteristics holding cubes so let’s move forward. You can shop for smooth turning cubes at https://www.gancube.com/

Corner Cutting 

If you are functioning an algorithm and the whole vertical side is not fully lined up so Corner Cutting is the capability to make a move even if the mentioned side is not coordinated. It is one of the attributes of the best Rubik’s cube. This also gives a better chance to elasticity. 


The stable cube is the need of the hour. Because it, just like the other feature, corner cutting provides the elasticity and recurrence of distortion. If a Rubik’s cube has all the above characteristics but if this one (the stability) is missing then the puzzle doesn’t work appropriately and this is considered a flaw. 


In the above given points we have seen how we can tackle the movements. Nowadays in order to give control to the cubes, the magnetic cubes are being used. When an algorithm is applied it gives a magneti texture. If someone who is a starter is playing this then it is not recommended because when you are freshier you must play it naturally. 


Catching is done when one surface of the cube catches onto the other surface. This can totally misguide you. The best Rubik’s cube basically doesn’t catch on a high level. They catch on the slightest level. 


The cubes having higher proportions like 4×4 and 5×5 possess this characteristic. This is because such cubes have multiplex patterns. When the cube has more surfaces, it

 will get the chance to lockup. 


So these are the main characteristics one should adopt while selecting the best Rubik’s cube of 2021. Hoping this guide will help you while gett