One of the biggest problems that warm weather brings along with it is the rise of house flies. This annual nuisance gets into your face, lands on your food, and buzzes in your ear. But the problem of house flies goes beyond being a common and constant irritation. House flies are known for carrying illness-causing pathogens that can cause serious health ailments like food poisoning, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, tuberculosis, and eye infections. Although house flies have a lifespan of 10 to 25 days, they can lay hundreds of eggs during this period. Therefore all you need is one for a complete pest infestation inside your house. Hence these small black pests should be nipped in the bud before they become a full-blown problem. Getting in touch with pest control professionals like London Pest Control Experts can be one of the easiest solutions for all your houseflies and other pest-related problems. However, in this article, we are going to talk about things you can do to control house fly infestation in your home.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Flies:

  • Keep all the potential “fly food” in check: House flies love gross things around the house because they feed on them. Common feeding grounds include pet waste, drain sludge, ripe vegetables, trash cans, and sticky spills. Keep up with litter box upkeep, deep-clean your drains, watch what you bring home from the farmers market, sanitize the trash can, rinse out everything you want to recycle and make sure spills are properly cleaned up. Even mostly overlooked items like cat food or a half-empty wine glass might attract flies. Don’t forget to take into account other fly-fare sources. Clean your outdoor garbage bins, then get rid of any sources of still water, pet waste, and decaying plants or wood.
  • Find out their source of entry: It’s common for some flies to enter through cracked door openings and windows. However, if your house is overrun with flies, you need to identify their entry point. Look for rips in your window screens, and fix or replace any that are broken. Next, check the caulking on all of the windows and doors. It might be the main entry point if you haven’t recaulked in a while. In order to keep flies out of your house, check the weather stripping around your doors and make any required changes or repairs.
  • Invest in a light-based fly trap: A short-wavelength light like a UV light can extract house flies. While outdoor light traps often combine ultraviolet light with a low-voltage electric grid “zapper,” inside light traps typically combine it with a hidden sticky trap. Numerous indoor light traps are plug-in devices. Make sure you can set the inside light trap at the height where flies like to gather if you decide to use one. If you can, place it away from windows to avoid a new problem of flies hovering around.
  • Make a DIY fly trap: If you wish to dine outside during the warmer months, a fly trap may be used to draw flies away from your patio and deck. This creative solution uses an ordinary household item like an empty plastic bottle, together with bait like ripe fruit, to keep flies away from your outdoor dining areas. To prevent flies from flying into your home via the entrance, it might also be good to hang the trap far from commonly opened doors. By using this technique, you may get rid of flies without using chemical pesticides.
  • Use natural house fly repulsion items: You may use potted plants and essential oils as part of your fly defense strategy. Mint, lavender, and basil make up a good indoor herb garden that can repel flies. They will be less likely to be invaded by flies if you place them on a kitchen windowsill. As an alternative, you may often spritz the frames of doors and windows with water mixed with a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil to deter flies.

Of course, a single fly is not a problem inside the house as you can grab the fly swatter, and your problem will be solved. But as we already discussed, it doesn’t take long for house flies to multiply in number. The above-mentioned strategies can help you to avoid a complete house fly innovation in your home. Apart from these home remedies, pest control experts are your best bet in such situations, as they are fully trained to deal with all sorts of pest invasion problems. From bed bugs and cockroaches to ants and flies, pest control professionals can give you quick and effective ways to get rid of these unwelcomed guests.