Cockroaches are pests that are a common menace for residential as well as commercial establishments. They can enter from tiny gaps into buildings and spread harmful diseases and allergies. They can go without food for almost a month whilst surviving the toughest of weather conditions. Food business can enter into losses and closure due to these pests who can breed heavily and also contaminate edible and non-edible production material. Cockroach Pest Control Canberra becomes a must if there is an infestation in your home. Read on to find out how cockroaches can be gotten rid of easily. One needs to first understand how they get into your home in the first place before finding ways to get rid of them:

What causes cockroach infestation in your home?

Cockroaches may come into your home due to your day-to-day habits that invite cockroaches. Skimping on cleaning and maintaining hygienic practices can lead to inviting a cockroach infestation in our home unsuspectingly. This can be due to the lack of tidiness and organization in your property or daily home and work habits that may have triggered the attention of cockroaches and given them an entry into your home. Let us delve into the factors that we are unmindful of that are responsible for giving cockroach infestation.

  • Leaving a mess consisting of piles of papers, newspapers, books and magazines with lots of dust inside can invite cockroaches in your home. Likewise, cardboard boxes from online shopping and pizza takeaways can also act as an entry point for cockroaches.
  • Dirty dishes with food crumbs and leftovers remaining in the sink, dining table and the kitchen counter are other factors.
  • Dining outside in the drawing room while bingeing on web series. One is bound to drop their food and drinks all over the place making it a lucrative spot for cockroaches and other pests to breed easily.
  • Cockroaches need moisture and water to survive which is easily found in kitchen sink, below the sink, leaky faucets in the bathroom areas, damaged pipes, drainage system outside and many more. Such places are attractive to cockroaches.
  • Lack of hygiene habits like shoddy disposal of garbage and leaving the garbage bin uncovered in the open is all too attractive for cockroaches and their breeds.
  • Existence of openings, wall cavities, cracks, holes and chinks at places in the premise also is helpful for cockroaches to get in very easily.
  • A cockroach infestation can also happen if there is any already in your neighborhood properties. Untidy properties of neighbours can also be a reason for the cockroach infestation in your home.
  • Unchecked cockroach infestation in your place can also escalate and go out of hand in no time. Neighbours who have it may be trying to perform cockroach control Canberra for getting rid of it. That also pushes cockroaches out in search of other locations like your home to infest, which could be the reason behind the infestation.

How to get rid of cockroaches?

1. Glue strips and glue traps

Glue strips and traps can be used to find out what the areas of their hideouts are and also to trap them once found out. The moment they will step onto the trap or glued part on the strip, cockroaches are caught and trapped. You can use these traps by placing them in the locations such as kitchen cabinets, below sinks, on pipes, in washroom cabinets, shelves, near electrical appliances, walls etc.

2. Pesticides

You can source pesticides that can exterminate cockroaches on all sites that you have spotted cockroaches in. Doing so will eliminate cockroaches and prevent them from multiplying in your property. This is a solution that will guarantee long-term relief from this pest issue. You can also opt for more professional solutions in the form of cockroach control services Canberra cockroach control Canberra for your commercial or residential property.

3. Baiting

Baits can be sourced easily from your nearest hardware store. Baiting systems can easily target multiple colonies of cockroaches and eliminate them simply.

4. Boric Acid

Boric acid is a potent chemical that will attract and eliminate cockroaches from your house or office. You just need to spray the powder in all possible hiding spots of the cockroaches. The powder will hit their exoskeleton and kill them instantly. You just need to exercise caution while using any poisonous element meant for eliminating cockroaches from your property for your own safety.

5. Take away their hidey-holes

Cockroaches when infesting residential properties look for paper and cardboard material. A large number of newspapers and empty cardboard boxes lying in your home, basement or elsewhere in the property can provide a hiding place to them. Taking them apart for recycling purposes or just trashing them can be enough to prevent cockroaches from using those things for hiding. Eliminating these places will eliminate any dark places for their survival.

6. Maintain thorough cleanliness in your kitchen and bathrooms

Cockroaches are attracted to places that offer a constant supply of food and water. Hence, you will come across cockroaches in the kitchen and pantry which provides them with easy access to food, and in washrooms, which provide them with all the moisture and water to consume and survive with. Cleaning the spaces behind the ovens and mixer blenders in the kitchen, while also sweeping out any scraps of food and kitchen waste is helpful in achieving results.

7. Seek professional help

Professional pest control Rivett services will help in eliminating cockroaches from your property in a better and a timely manner. Enlisting for professional help guarantees long-term relief from these pesky pests. Pest control service providers deliver customized treatments while also disinfecting your property.

Cockroach control is a task that should not be ignored as their numbers keep increasing overtime. Connect with the best cockroach pest control Canberra experts on +61480021568 for guidance and pest control services. Our cockroach pest control experts will be deployed to your property in no time!

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