Are you trying to customize your bike as per your preferences? Or do you need to get it done with any of the broken parts? There are numerous storefronts, but they may not have what you desire or look for.

You will get a vast amount of knowledge everywhere and every time. But at the same time, it becomes more difficult and overwhelming to choose and decide what you need. The deeper you will dig, the more you will get confused. 

As far as we are concerned with the COVID guidelines, you don’t need to go to any store, contact any person, or worry about social distancing. Shopping bike parts Canada may provide you with several options and may also let you save money. It will help you avoid unnecessary contact with people. 

Online shopping could be practical and straightforward with a vast amount of options, but you won’t be sure which store to look for. As you cannot explore every corner of the web, here is a rundown of what you should look for when buying bike parts online.

Let’s consider the primitive aspects!

Purchasing a bike can be helpful, and you must have seen people turning to bike shops or online stores to buy one for them. If you are low on your budget, buying a bike online is just as simple as clicking a button.

# What to Look in for While Buying A Bike Part Online?

What You Want:

You must be already searching online, comparing prices and models from brand to brand. But what if you have any questions? Try to look for the primary ways of communicating. It is an essential tool, and we have considered it for people like you who need clarification on any topic. 

We make it possible to help you by handling all your inquiries and answering questions for your fit. Research for what you want without being time-bounded. Dig for as much information as you need compared to what you would at the shops.

Right Size:

When clearing your doubts regarding what to look for when buying bike parts online, your main plan should be to clear out what is the right and perfect fit? You can approach your retailers for a standard recommendation and ask them the same. When buying online, get a detailed interactive fit and figure out the right size for you. 

On the contrary, you can look for the same model when considering bike parts. Pick out the accessories that support your bike and get comfort for having the right size frame. Dive into the stock and hunt!


Online retailers may use a variety of ways to help you get your bike and parts. Some may partner with other brands, while some would directly ship to your home. Without having the proper knowledge or tools, you can risk making mistakes while choosing and even void warranty aspects. 

We primarily use the best parcel pickup options only for your convenience. This can also be attempted to deliver when you are not at home. If you need to return something, you can send the same product back to our Podium shop’s particular address without any hesitation. Ensure using trackable shipping or purchasing insurance services. We resume the responsibility for the item after it has been delivered to us. 

Services, Returns, And Warranty:

Before you decide to buy a specific tool or parts, consider the following things:

  • How does the brand handle the return of the damaged items?
  • How the brand handles service?
  • Where will you take your bike for routine service?

Don’t get carried away with excitement when your parcel arrives. Thoroughly inspect without unpacking, and if found any issues, just make a claim with the shipper then and there only. Make sure you don’t use the item to be eligible for the return. Further, it should be in the same condition as you received. 

Feel free to bring up a brand that provides you with all the essential services. On the flip side, we provide quality cycling, running, nutrition, and fitness products to all our active consumers across Canada with discreet shipping. 

# What to See While Buying a Bike?

Buying your bike can be the most thrilling and exciting part. It will further signify other transitions in your life. So, consider a few things before sealing your deal.

  • Ensure safety both for you and your bike
  • Get insurance
  • Comfortability is a bliss
  • Don’t fuss
  • Consider weight
  • Choose between buying a fresh tool or equipment
  • Calculate all the expenses as long-term budgets cannot be ignored

# How to Properly Fit Your Bike?

There are probably a few primary considerations while you purchase a bike. Your bike sizing can be one of the basic fits needed for you.

  • Aspire to match the position of the pros and set up the bike as per your current abilities.
  • You can readjust your fit if you work on endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Make sure you get the right frame and get comfortable even if you make adjustments in the future.
  • Make easy adjustments to your bike parts, including the seat size, angle, and position.
  • You can identify the components that can be swapped out. For instance, you can swap the location of the handlebars for a more effortless and smooth riding experience.
  • Cleats placement can also prove to be of utmost importance. If placed right, these can help you get rid of joints and knee pain, hotspots, optimal power transfer, etc. Make sure you get the position of your cleats placed right.

We provide the most incredible experiences for all our consumers by serving them in the proper manner. Our comprehensive collection makes us stand out from the crowd. Whether it is a bike mudguard, any component, or an accessory, we have something for everyone. We work with the motto to bring you the ultimate bike spare parts with a superior shopping experience and ultimate customer service.

That’s all! Switch to an active lifestyle by considering your mental health and physical well-being. Start a healthy routine with our assistance wherever possible. Shop now in just a few clicks and get quality on all our products.