Moving is an unavoidable step in some people’s life as they have to move from one place to another for the sake of growth. Moving doesn’t only bring change of place but also rings a lot of expenses and effort. If one is not having enough disposable income then moving breaks the budget badly. However, planning your move smartly can save a lot of money. Packing supplies makes one of the biggest expenditure as you plan a budget. If you are able to save on packing supplies, you can ensure that you have significant saving on the moving cost. Additionally, you can save huge amount by wisely choosing a shipping provider for moving your goods. You must try Shiply to find the best deals on shipping. 

Did you know that you can get packing supplies for free? Yes, it is possible. The top rated short distance movers state that following some tips and tricks can help you save a lot of money by getting packing supplies for free:

Supermarkets are the Big Saviours

You can get cardboard boxes from local supermarkets and chain Superstores for free. The people there will readily give their spare boxes. Just go and ask for it and you will get plenty of them. You may not get all in same size, shape and design but then it doesn’t matter as you will save a handsome amount. You will surely need these boxes in varied sizes for different type of goods.

Wholesale Markets

For bigger boxes that you will need to pack bigger goods, you can visit big markets or wholesale markets. Wholesale markets get things in large quantity and have huge boxes at their place. You can go and ask them. Walmart and Costco are some of such stores.

Neighbours and Close Relatives

You can even ask your neighbours for some of the packing supplies like newspapers, rough clothes and magazines. You can use these papers for packing fragile stuff like crockery and electronics and cover delicate stuff like furniture. Just go out and see a few of your nearest neighbours and save a lot of money that you had to spent on bubble wrap and packing paper otherwise.

If you have anyone who has relocated recently, call them and ask them for leftover packing material. You can ask for cardboards, tapes and even tightening strings.

Let Your Drawers Act like Boxes

You can use your drawers as boxes. Cabinet, chest and desks drawers can be used to store stuff> Just make sure that you don’t store any breakable item in them. You can even keep the drawer as it is and secure the top with a masking tape. You just have to remove the tape at the time of unpacking. So this will not only save your money but also effort of removing and packing and then unpacking the stuff.

Shopping Bags

Shopping bags can be used to store lighter and bigger stuff like linens, cushion and pillow fillings and towels etc.

Use Socks and Towels as Fillers

Use your soft clothes like socks and towels as fillers in the boxes while packing. This way you can save a lot of packing paper and filling paper. They will protect your goods better than packing paper at no price.


Use all your existing luggage and travel bags to pack stuff. Luggage is the best thing to pack your clothes nicely as it will save them from getting spoil. You can use your travel bags for storing important documents and valuables too.