If you love the thrills and action, you’re probably a Warzone fan. That means you already know that the battle will not be easy to win unless you’re equipped and skilled. So, how do you prepare yourself for this game to win more every time? That’s what we will share below. 

Call of Duty Warzone might be tough, but some pro gamers have mastered the mechanics and everything it takes to win it. However, we recommend using hwid spoofer warzone to enjoy an uninterrupted match. That’s the first thing to assure your win. 

Having done that, check some other strategies below!

Winning Strategies for Call of Duty Warzone 

  1. Raise enough cash

Cash is important in Warzone because it gives you more advantage over the enemies. With enough cash, you can grab all the advanced items available. Without money, you can’t buy a loadout. But when you gather enough, it’ll be easy to grab the weapons and items you need earlier on in the game to increase your chances. 

Thankfully, Warzone has enough activities to help you earn cash. You complete contracts, kill other players and grab their money or even find money in chests on the map. So, don’t miss any chances of making money in Warzone. 

  1. Visit the Buystation 

Even though you may loot for weapons, we recommend visiting the buying station earlier to prepare better. Then, once you’ve made enough cash by completing contracts, killing others, or opening chests, you can grab some advanced weapons, perks, and items to simplify your life. 

Without a custom loadout in Warzone, your chances of winning will be slim. At least in the buy station, you can choose the relevant items. But, most of the items are expensive, and that’s why a lot of cash is compulsory. For instance, adding a UAV to your loadout will cost $4000 while the loadout drop marker is up to $10,000.  

  1. Understand the Weapons 

How can you use a weapon if you don’t understand it? Thankfully, there are all kinds of weapons in Warzone. It is a battle royale game, which means you will find many guns and ammo that soldiers enter the battleground with in real life. 

There are pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper guns, SMGs, LMGs, automatic weapons, shotguns, plus other exciting ammo, attachments, perks, and equipment. So, before you start fighting at all, try to understand these weapons a little bit. That’s the only way to pick the suitable ones and also use them appropriately.  

  1. Use Killstreaks rightly 

No matter the temptation to use your Killstreaks, we recommend strategizing them. Since you spend too much on them, save the one you have and use it at the right time. For instance, if you equip the “Precision Airstrike,” you can use it to kill many enemies on a building top or those threatening you from higher ground. Mind you; pro gamers recommend using this Killstreak at the ending part of the game. 

Also, if you have a UAV, it’s better to use it at the beginning to locate the enemies on the map. If you have Ghost, know when to use it. That way, you can use your investment wisely. 

  1. Teamwork is beneficial 

 The only time to play the lone wolf is when you enter the game solo. But if you’re playing with your friends or gaming group, always communicate and coordinate with the team. There’re lots of tactical advantages to gain when working together. You will have one another’s back and even plan together for the best winning strategies. 

Most importantly, don’t ever wander off from the team. When enemies catch you alone on any side of the map, you might not get help. That’s why pro gamers recommend that teams develop some callouts to communicate seamlessly in the game. That way, it will be easy to implement your plans and emerge the Warzone winners. 

  1. Keep your health high.

Do you know that you can avoid all the enemies on the battleground but die due to low health points? So, if you want to make it to the end of the game, make sure your health is up to the right level. Usually, you’ll enter the game with 100HP, but with 3 armor plates, you can raise it to 250HP. 

Luckily, every player can carry up to 5 armor plates. So, target that number for yourself and for team members who lose their HP. 


Winning in Warzone is very exciting, challenging, and possible. All you need is to prepare and play with a clear head. Also, if you’ve not gotten your footings yet, enter the battle with others. Solo playing can be fun but let’s leave for the professionals until you get to that level. So, team up, gird up and fight to the end.