YouTube has become a platform where people can monetize their talent. Whether you are vlogging or have a DIY channel, you can work with brands and grow your viewership. There are organic ways to grow your views, but you need to be willing to put in the work. Let’s see how to get more views:

1) Share your profile on other platforms

   Have accounts on other social media accounts where you share your Youtube links with people that follow you. This will lead to people that enjoy your content sharing your link on multiple social media platforms. The link should be functional, and it should be strategically placed in your bio for quick access.

2) Collaborate with other content creators

   Working with other content creators will expose you to a larger audience and leave people curious about the content you create. The content creators you work with should share your profile and links to your page. Have different content on your page and the content creator’s page not to bore your audience. If you have the same information on both pages, then one of the pages will not get views as no one wants to watch the same video twice. Collaboration should be advantageous to both of you hence the need to work with creators with a larger following.

 3) Make great content

   When people get to your page, the content is what draws them in to watch more videos. If you have sporadic viewership, that means that you are not consistent with the work that you post. It would be good if you don’t let a lot of time pass before posting another video as people move on quickly. This is not to say you should post videos every day. Give the videos room to breathe but at the same time stay relevant and at the top of the mind of viewers. Your content should have enough lighting, and it should be edited well. Cater for people who would not understand your accent and have subtitles.

4) Think of search engine optimization (SEO)

   When searching for videos on Youtube, people will typically be looking for a specific video or content. While it is important to be unique, you need to keep in mind what people would be searching for them to come across your videos. As with every search engine, YouTube organizes search results using various ranking signals, which are similar to those used by other search engines.

5) Invest time in writing detailed Video descriptions

   Before watching your videos, people will read the description box. They want to know what they will be watching and why they should watch it. Therefore, the description of your videos should compel people to watch your videos. It should be clear and concise, just like your videos. It is not meant to introduce you to the viewers but to let the viewer’s know what you have in store for them.

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To conclude

To enjoy a large following and many views, you need to think of what the people want to see. Your videos should look professional, and you should carry yourself in a manner that the viewers will relate to. Word of mouth is the biggest marketing tool, and you want people to talk about the videos you make and share them with loved ones.