As a noob gamer, you might find it challenging to get views on Twitch. Yes, many gamers like to watch professional gamers because they play hardcore. They’d learn something new about the games and eventually apply them to their own gaming adventures.

The good thing about social media platforms like Twitch is that you can get more views by making your content entertaining and adopting social media marketing strategies. You don’t have to play like a God to achieve it. Instead, you just make your streams fun, accessible, and relevant to your target audience.

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Do you want to attract more viewers because you want to monetize your Twitch channel or want more gamers like yourself to see how you enjoy the game you love?  This article got your back. Check out these tips:

  1. Acquire Twitch Promotion Services

Twitch is an online gaming platform that connects gamers worldwide. Also, the service allows gamers to livestream their games and themselves, featuring the enjoyment in real-time. Millions have already signed up to Twitch, thus, creating many diverse communities that share the same passion that you have for games.

Given how many popular Twitch users there are in the present, you may find it challenging to compete for more viewers. For that, Twitch promotion services may come in handy. They offer likes, views, engagement, and followers. Also, they can share your content, making you and your channel discoverable by a bigger audience. Your transaction with them can be pretty straightforward—you pay for their service, and they give you what you ask for.

You may think that Twitch promotion services are easy-peasy, but be mindful of what service provider to choose. Social media marketing can help you gain a boost; however, it’s risky. Illegitimate sites can take advantage of you instead of helping you get what you want. They might get sensitive data you share with them and sell those to advertisers and other entities. Also, they might get your supposed payment, but won’t do as both parties agreed upon.

That said, consider choosing a Twitch promotion service provider that has already made a name for itself. Make sure they guarantee their clients’ privacy and safety. Also, check if they have seasoned customer support, a refund policy, as well as a personalized touch from the number of followers you paid for, proving that they’re real people, not bots. 

You can check out some reviews from key websites like The Small Business Blog. to make an informed decision as to the service provider that best suits your needs and requirements.

  1. Invite A Popular Professional Gamer As A Guest

Do you know someone who is a professional gamer, or are you connected to someone who is one?  Use your connections to invite them to pay a visit during your Twitch stream.  

Choosing this route can be helpful because a professional gamer has many followers who’ll automatically watch your stream once they figure out that their main man is there. Also, that person can teach you how to play the game better, which can be helpful as well for viewers who want to improve their gameplay. They can share their deep insights about the game that you may be struggling with. 

  1. Try Weird Builds In-Game

Meta suggests the most ideal builds and strategies to win games. Professional gamers tend to discover new meta to outdo their opponents and best tournaments. Some may appear foolish at first glance, but, eventually, their jaws will drop in amazement once they see their effectiveness. A new meta can be the key to changing how players see the game.

If you play multiplayer games, consider playing your matches while making weird builds. Your stream’s followers might see you as a noob gamer. Still, make a cheesy new meta that works, one after another. Through this, you’ll attract more viewers who’ll be eagerly waiting for your latest inventions.

Some who did the same thing are now regarded as one of the best players in esports. For example, Topias Miikka ‘Topson’ Taavitsainen is a Finnish professional DOTA 2 player who made history in esports for winning TI (The International) back-to-back. Before, he was only streaming while making weird builds. He received countless criticism, but he didn’t mind them. OG eventually discovered him, a veteran team in DOTA 2, and won the highest prize pool twice in the said tournament.

Today, he’s one of the most viewed and highest-earning professional gamers in DOTA 2. You may not be as good as him for now, but doing so can help you understand the game better and improve your own gameplay. 

Good Game, Well-Played

Twitch is an online gaming platform that can help you monetize your love for gaming, as well as connect to others who share your passion for the game. If you want to increase the number of your viewers, you can find the tips mentioned in this article handy even though you’re a noob gamer. Good luck and have fun!