Do you like playing with pets? Pets are cute and we all want to have them. Have you heard about or played the Adopt Me Game?

If you love pets, you will be able to tell that this game allows you to have pets and also trade them for money. The common question people all over Canada, the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, is about the lavender Dragon pet. This is How To Get Lavender Dangerous in Adopt Me.

What does Adopt Me mean?

Roblox’s Uplift games created the Adopt Me video game. The goal of the game is to hatch eggs and acquire digital pets. Each pet is divided into its own group, with their unique values and rarity.

It is Roblox’s most installed and frequently played game. The gameplay of having pets, raising them and changing them into Neons is fun and satisfying. Sometimes trading adorable pets is difficult but rewarding. So, we will be discussing How to get Lavender Dragons in Adopt Me first.

About Lavander Dragon:

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • cost: 350 robux
  • Release Date: 8 Februar 2022


It is a Dragon reskin. It has a purple inner and outer shade, and has a lavender interior. Additionally, the horns of its inner wings as well as its inner wings are a deep purple shade. The mouth shows two purple teeth and the eyes are dark, droopy.

Night appearances are a deeper shade of lavender purple with light purple on all body parts. Mega Neon is quite different from the neon version. Mega Neon’s neon version glows bright pink, but Mega Neon uses the color combination of the rainbow.

How to Adopt a Lavender Dragon?

You can get it through DJ gamepass. Roblox’s Adopt Me allows you to purchase DJ gamepasses. You need to spend 350 to obtain this pass. In return you will be able play your custom music. Gamepasses also allow you to play customized music, radio, and jukebox at your house. Unfortunately, it is no longer available.

Adopt Me made it clear on its Twitter account that the Roblox update had caused the DJ gamepass to be damaged. Robux was paid by online gamers. Adopt Me then added a Lavender Dragon into their inventories to compensate them.

To expand on Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me – basically, anyone who purchased an Xbox 360 game pass now has Lavender Dragon. This pet can be tradable, but those who want it should know that it is available for adoption.

Instead of looking for a DJ Game Pass if you don’t already have one, you could trade for it. Additionally, it is a legendary pet and has a very high trade value.


Lavender dragons are a beloved pet. Many people love their neon and mega neon appearance. Others are still searching for Adopt Me Lavender Dragon.

What do YOU think about the lavender Dragon? If you’re a owner of one, we would love to hear about it in the comments.