There are more than a few ways to get Instagram followers. Some require the efforts and time from your end & build following in an organic way. On the other hand, you can also buy Instagram followers cheap & boost your credibility instantly.

Hosting giveaways – Is this effective in getting more followers for your Instagram account? The people usually underrate this way to get followers but it works. By simply hosting one giveaway, you can get plenty of followers for your account.

This guide is all about the way to host a giveaway to get more followers for your account, no matter personal account or business one.

The way to get more followers on Instagram with hosting giveaways

Hosting it by yourself

·         Set up the rules for hosting a giveaway

The first and foremost thing is to do your own homework for hosting a giveaway. You are supposed to set rules accordingly in advance to let others be a part of it. There are no limitations for setting up the rules & you can set as much as you want. But, there are a few important rules that are must for you to include in your own rule list if you want to attain more followers.

Rule#1: Ask people to follow your account first, before doing anything else, to take part in this.

Rule#2: Ask people to tag at least 2 to 3 people in your giveaway’s post.

The reasons for including these rules are obvious. With the first rule, you are getting a follow for your Instagram account. For the second one, you might get one or possibly two followers again because the tagged people may be interested in the giveaways.

·         Choose the product for the giveaway

Other than setting up the rules, you are required to choose the product for the giveaway as well. You can choose this product based on your audience’s interest. For instance, if you are a cosmetic manufacturing company, you can proffer your audience one of your own products. Other options may include any famous book, e-course, gift card, or it can be a surprise. No matter what you are going to give, it must persuade the people to follow you & recommend you. This is the chance for you to win the hearts of people.

Ideas to offer the giveaways


This is the best possible scenario where you are offering the people free product as well as its free shipping too.


In this scenario, you can offer your product for free, but the winner will pay for the shipping.


If you can’t fulfil both conditions, you can choose to offer a discount to the winner (The best possible discount).

·         Announce it publically

Once you are done with setting up rules & have decided for the giveaway product, you can announce it on your profile. While doing so, you can choose to add the product’s picture as well to let the people see it & develop interest. Along with it, you are supposed to post rules & name this giveaway. The name doesn’t need to be very interesting or out of this world. It is just for the people to recognize this event hosted by you.

If you are having some important information o share, write that in a caption to let the people know. Don’t forget to mention the deadline for this & the time when you will be announcing the winner.

·         Decide for the winner

This is a difficult & equally important task. At this stage, you are required to go through all the comments. If there are few ones, you can choose the person who is fulfilling the criteria by yourself in an hour or so. But, if these are more than a few, you will have to choose the winner randomly. Once done, take a screenshot for posting it on a wall. If you have hundreds or thousands of participants, you need to check later if the winner fulfils all the rules, if not checked previously.

If you found that the person has failed to follow each rule, you are then supposed to choose a new winner.

Once you are done with this, record your number of followers & compare them with the previous ones. You will see a visible difference.

Above all this, make sure you have an impressive follower count on your Instagram profile, before hosting a giveaway or adopting any other strategy to get Instagram followers. It builds up a reputable image of your company or brand, even if you are a start-up. The best source to buy Instagram followers cheap is IGFollowers. The company proffers the highest quality & supreme services all over the UK at really competitive rates.