How can I sleep back to normal? Why I’m suffering from sleep deprivation? These are very common questions arising in the mind of new-mom-to-be. 

It’s very common to feel tired when you’re pregnant especially during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. However, it is not only due to nausea, fetal movement, frequent urination, or back pain but also they developed a lack of sleep including restless legs, GERD, sleep apnea, or excessive daytime sleep. 

Here, I’m going to share some tips and tricks for these mothers and pregnant ladies who are suffering from insomnia or simply called sleep deprivation.   


  • In 1st trimester, you need and crave a lot of sleep. Don’t get worried if you feel sleepy throughout the day or want to go to bed earlier at night.
  • In 2nd trimester, the amount of sleep will be normal as you sleep before you got pregnant. But as long as time passes, things start to affect such as your sleep, waking up early, etc. 
  • 3rd trimester is the last trimester and your pregnancy is going to be end soon. Now, you must make your sleep and rest a priority. As a doctor, I’m going to list some factors due to which you have less quality sleep, such as: 
  1. Increase weight gain.
  2. Restless and painful legs.
  3. Back pain.
  4. Muscle cramps.
  5. Fetal movement and many more…



It’s very necessary to do walk and exercise on regular basis. Even, if you don’t want to do so, but you must do enough exercise every day. I know it’s very difficult for you to do walk or exercise during pregnancy especially in the 3rd trimester, but a little and slow step of walk helps you to improve your circulation which in turn reduces your leg and muscle cramps.


It’s very necessary to maintain your body fluid level to reduce muscle stiffness. As a doctor, I would suggest you to increase your water intake during day-time in order to minimize frequent urination at night.

4- Use Supportive Pillows

As a doctor, I would suggest you to use supportive maternity pillows especially after 20 weeks of gestation which help you to reduce your back pain and provide support to your back and knees. Try to sleep on a left side of your body so that your uterus gets enough blood supply.

 However, you can use therapedic mattress reviews which is specially designed for this purpose to provide you maximum possible support and comfort during your gestation period. These mattresses are of different concerns which can provide support and firmness to your body especially your back.

5- Try to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

To maintain your healthy gestational period, you need to clear your head while going to bed. It means, you need to reduce your anxiety either by doing talk to your doctor or converse with your friend or family.

Unfortunately, anxiety and stress can typically lead to poor sleep along with many illnesses which can put a big negative impact on your baby’s behavior and health too.  So, try your best to keep your mind away from negativity, stress or depression which is necessary for both of you and your baby. Relieve your stress with yoga, or any other therapy.

6- Say No to Caffeine

Try to avoid caffeine especially after lunch because it’s a stimulus which can cause several negative impacts on your body and ultimately reduces your sleep.

 Limit your caffeine intake to the morning time. Best time to take caffeine is early morning after breakfast so that your body get enough time to process it.

7- Some Other Ways to Improve Your Sleep

  • Elevate your head properly to limit breathing problems.
  • Try to sit in sunlight during day time to minimize risk of low Vit-D levels.
  • Try to avoid those foods which can cause heart burn.
  • You must have an intake of proper nutrition and supplements to reduce weakness.
  • Stay happy and cut out all the sources of negativity from your life.