You want to be a better gamer, huh? Whether you’re about to start a new gaming channel on Youtube, or you feel like impressing the rest of your gamer games, it’s time to sharpen those gaming skills. Luckily, you’ll find tons of useful tips that’ll teach you how to get better at video games.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

What better way to perfect your gaming skills other than to practice, practice, practice? It’s like any other skill—if you want to master it, you need to dedicate time to it.

There are people who live off of playing videos games, and these gamers spend hours and hours polishing their skills. You can even practice with the classic games, such as the ones you can find at

However, don’t forget to go outside every now and then to soak up some very much-needed Vitamin D.

2. Choose The Right Settings

Before you start spending hours on your console, you want to ensure the game is in the appropriate settings. Don’t jump into the hardcore difficulty level if you have little experience. Start at a comfortable level first.

Also, the mouse or joystick sensitivity is something you need to set accurately. This depends on the game you’re playing. For example, if the focus of your game is to have an accurate aim, then a lower sensitivity might be best for you.

3. Play With Advanced Gamers

It’s always a pleasant feeling to beat someone who’s less experienced than you because, admit it, who doesn’t like to win? Yet, constantly playing with players who have lower gaming skills won’t help you progress as a gamer.

So, look for ways to play with gamers that are more advanced than you. It might be frustrating at first to get beaten repeatedly, but it’ll help you learn from your mistake and know what to do next time. It’ll practically force you to adapt to situations where you’ll need a higher skill level in order to win.

4. Learn From the Pros

You no doubt love to spend time watching your favorite gamers on Youtube. Not only is watching experienced gamers play entertaining but also, it’ll help you learn from them and their gaming tricks.

Think about the fact that these gamers spend hours playing and learning all the possible tactics of each game, so they know a lot. Next time you watch a game, study the way the gamer plays and listen carefully to any tips he has to offer.

5. Take a Break

Yes, the first tip you read in this article was to devote a lot of your time to playing in order to perfect your gaming skills. But, there is such a thing as overdoing it, and you don’t want to exhaust your brain, or else, it’ll work against you.

So, if you’ve been sitting in front of your screen for hours, remember to take a break. You might think that trying to beat the boss level over and over again for hours straight on will help you when in reality, it’ll produce the opposite effect. It’ll tire you out, making you make the same mistakes again.

So, set occasional breaks to do other things. Then, log off, and do something you enjoy, like exercising or reading a book. Giving your mind that break will help it reboot, and the next time you play, you’ll be able to practice with a fresh mindset.

6. Read Guides

Reading is also a great way to improve your gaming skills. Certain community sites or forums usually write out gaming guides for players looking for ways to play the game skillfully.

7. Prepare Mental Dexterity

If you really want to get good at gaming, then you can start training your brain with other activities. Learning how to react quickly and boosting your creativity helps you deal more efficiently with challenges that appear in a game. To improve your mental dexterity, follow these tips.

Reduce Mindless Activities

After a tough day at school or work, all you want to do is disconnect your brain by doing some kind of mindless activity. And it’s healthy and sometimes needed to take a mental break.

But, taking too many of them will set your brain back to the point where it’ll be tough to get your brain back into action again when it needs to. For example, instead of watching T.V. or scrolling through your social media’s feed, do something brain-productive, such as reading or playing chess.

Solve Daily Puzzles and Riddles

Your brain is a strong muscle, but in order to strengthen it, you need to exercise it. Some of the best brain workouts are riddles and puzzles. They help improve your critical thinking.

Try downloading apps that’ll give you a daily puzzle or riddle to solve.

Play an Instrument

Playing instruments helps engage your body as well as your mind, which makes it a great exercise for gamers. If you’ve never played an instrument before, set the goal of learning how to play one. And if you already know how to play, try using it every day for 10-15 minutes.

Memorize Routes Instead of Using a GPS

Memorizing the routes you take while driving is a great memory booster. Of course, it’s a lot easier to depend on and be guided by your faithful companion, the GPS. But, by focusing on the road and learning by heart, the routes you drive through will help you improve your thinking skills.

8. Improve Your Reflexes

You need to have a good reaction speed in order to be good at games, mainly because of the fast pace and quick reactions from other players. Here are a few tips to help improve your reflexes.

Now You Know How to Get Better at Video Games!

Now that you’ve learned about how to get better at video games, you’ll be able to crush your opponents and pursue your gaming goals! Just remember despite how much of a perfectionist you may be, try o have fun in the process of mastering your gaming skills.

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