The guide shares a helpful guide on How to Get Azure Flute Bdsp for the players.  

If you enjoy playing the famous game Pokemon, you probably know about the creator of the universe, Arceus. It is the notorious character and a Legendary Pokemon of the in-game event for Sinnoh Games, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. 

Trainers are now required to catch the character for the Sinnoh adventures without using any hack. However, trainers need to have the Azure Flute to get the Arceus in the BDSP. Apart from the Azure Flute, there are other game requirements that players have to fulfill to get it.

So, players in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States want to know How to Get Azure Flute Bdsp.

What is Azure Flute in BDSP?

The Azure Flute is the exclusive item in the in-game event that helps players encounter the notorious character and legendary Pokemon, Arceus. The item was launched way back in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum code. Unfortunately, the item was not distributed amongst the players in those games.

The item was first launched with the Pokemon Legend Arceus, and later in March 2022, the item was added to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Since it is the vital item required to encounter the Pokemon Legend, players want to know how to get it.

How to Get Azure Flute Bdsp?

Azure is the event-exclusive item that can be achieved via Nintendo event in the Sinnoh games. Azure is the only event-exclusive item delivered amongst the four other items. However, players must achieve it if they intend to encounter the Pokemon Legend, Arceus. 

  • After completing the primary mission, “Seeking the Remaining Plates,” the Celestica flute will convert into Azure Flute. It will help players to summon Ride Pokemon.
  • After completing the Hisui Pokedex, players can play the flute on the dais at Sinnoh Temple to encounter the Arceus.
  • After encountering the legend Pokemon, they have to return to the dais, enabling them to rematch Arceus, Palkia, and Dialga. 

These are the steps on How to Get Azure Flute Bdsp. If the player becomes the Pokemon Champion after obtaining the Arceus in Legends, the Azure Flute will be available in the Player’s Room in Sandgem Town House. If the player is defeated by Arceus and leaves the battle, they may return to Spear Pillar and play the flute to repeat the encounter. 

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Players are happy having the event-exclusive item, Azure Flute, in the game. However, some claim that Azure Flute is not available, while others confirmed that it is there and players have to unveil it. You may check the Twitter Page for more updates.    


The Azure Flute is the event-exclusive in-game item required to encounter the legend Pokemon, Arceus. However, there are specific steps that players have to complete to get it. Use the guide mentioned above on How to Get Azure Flute Bdsp.

It is an essential item for players who are about the encounter the Legend Pokemon. Do you have anything to share about Azure Flute in BDSP? Please share it in the comments section.