How to get a 4K Quality recording video with an iFun screen recorder?

Have you tired of using different screen recording tools but unable to get the 4K quality screen recording video up to your mark? Or are you new to iFun and want to get the 4K quality results by using this tool? Well, today’s guide is for you!

With advancements in technology, people are paying more attention to visual experiences, which is why 4k screens and higher definition videos are more popular today than ever before. For achieving a better visual experience while recording a 4k screen display, you must have to rely on a screen recorder that can do it in high definition and resolution. If that’s the case, you may need the recorders we recommend for 4K quality screen recording. Just go through this article to get some useful ideas.

4k Quality Screen Recording Tool – iFun Screen Recorder

A simple but professional method to record 4k screens is using the iFun Screen Recorder. The iFun screen recorder comes completely compatible with your windows and Mac that works perfectly on your system, and it’s the best tool to record 4k quality video.

With this tool, you can easily capture your computer scream to make video tutorials, Youtube videos, or the videos you are looking for. Furthermore, it lets you record videos when you’re playing computer games, watching your favorite movies, chatting with your loved ones, or doing any technical work on the internet.

The tool also allows you to create a recording task. You can do this by a feature that the iFun Screen recorder tool comes with – Task Scheduler. Check the guide below on how to record in 4k on your computer using this tool:

  • Download & Install the iFun Screen Recorder on your computer

  • Once the tool is successfully downloaded and installed, launch it.

  • Then you’ll see a panel having options: Full Screen, Custom Area, Audio, Webcam, and the Record Button.

  • Now, for recording the full 4K screen, hit the icon “Full Screen” and then press the “REC” button with which the recording will start.

  • In the next step, for recording a specific area of the 4k screen, click the custom area icon and select that specific area of your PC. Click the “REC” button and start recording.

  • Then a floating toolbar will pop up, after which you can record your 4k screen. Furthermore, you can also add some annotations to your videos, such as arrows, texts, and highlights.

  • When recording is done, simply click the “STOP” button on the panel’s floating toolbar. The recording will end, and then you can save the file to a location where you want to save it.

Free Download  iFun Screen Recorder

Key Features of iFun Screen Recorder

  • iFun allows the users to add lines, shapes, texts, arrows, and other figures that you want to add.

  • It supports computer screen recording, webcam, and audio as well.

  • The software lets users create and schedule recording tasks

  • It comes with a user-friendly interface.

  • It enables you to take screenshots.