Most people are not willing to use a craftsman, lawyer, or any other professional if they only have bad reviews on Google. Without customer reviews or worse with bad customer reviews, you have no chance of being contacted and this will cost you great opportunities. If you don’t act quickly to get satisfied customers, only unhappy customers will come to your site to write negative reviews. Meanwhile, the competition will get ahead of you and a gap will be created. Fortunately, there are techniques that make it easy to collect reviews from satisfied customers.

Ask the customer if they have had a good experience

The best thing to do is to proceed face-to-face, otherwise the telephone is another alternative. There are several possible scenarios:

  • The best case is that your customer is satisfied and has nothing to add. In this case, you should immediately start the conversation and ask them if they agree to leave a review on Google. If they have any objections, you can gently press them to understand that it only takes a few minutes and that it is essential for you. In most cases, when someone tells you that they are satisfied, they will want to help you in return, so they agree to leave a review. As soon as you get their agreement to leave a testimonial, let the customer know that you will send them an email with a link so that they can leave their testimonial with one click.
  • The client finds things to say: you can go over the deadline or something else. If you have the opportunity to do so, fix the situation. It may happen that a customer who was initially lukewarm is finally satisfied because he or she has seen that you took the time to listen to his or her complaints. If you can turn an unhappy customer into a happy one, ask them to leave a review on Google, and send them an email to get their feedback.
  • The customer is not satisfied, and don’t beat yourself up over it. Don’t insist on asking the customer for feedback.

Send the email requesting customer feedback

For all your customers who agree to leave a comment, you can send an e-mail to encourage them to leave you a review. You should only send an e-mail to this category of customers, because if you send an e-mail without checking the customer’s satisfaction, it is likely that the customer will be dissatisfied and will decide not to say anything. They may take advantage of your email to make a public complaint by leaving a negative review. Even if everything goes well, the customer who has not given you permission to write a review face-to-face or over the phone, may not consider your e-mail.

Thank your customers for their feedback

To thank your customers, go to the administration of your Google My Business page. Don’t forget that these thanks will be read by your future prospects. To this end, you can mention the service you provided while thanking your customer. If you have a good strategy, you don’t need to buy Google reviewsasthey may be deleted by Google.

Integrate the process

By integrating this method of collecting customer reviews into your process for each of your customers, you will need dozens or even hundreds of reviews on Google. This can make a difference to your SEO and the trust your potential customers will have. If one day you decide to create a website, you will have the possibility to have your Google reviews appear automatically on your website.

Choose the right format

When a consumer has to write a review, they don’t really know what to write other than “good product”. When you send out the request for a review, guide your customers with :

  • The situation they were in before the purchase,
  • Product performance,
  • A brief description of the product and the ordering process,
  • The intention to renew a purchase.

Use the right tone

It is wise to work on the subject of your request for advice. The first thing is that the customer must be happy with the purchase. If this is the case, they will be happy to leave a positive review. It is important to be grateful to your customers, keep it simple, avoid offering unnecessary rewards, and be clear about what you expect from customers. Customers should be happy to give feedback without you forcing them to do so.