Horizon Forbidden West Crashing Issue: Only the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gaming systems are capable of playing the brand-new video game known as Horizon Forbidden West. The option to buy this game was just recently made accessible.

Guerrilla Games is the firm that was responsible for developing this action role-playing game while the company Sony Interactive Entertainment is in charge of the game’s release and distribution. 

The video game is a continuation of the Horizon Zero Dawn series, the first installment of which was published in 2017. It is set in a dystopian interpretation of the western region of the United States. 

On the other hand, much like its predecessors, it would appear that Horizon Forbidden West crashing on PS4 and PS5 consoles either while the game is being set up or when players are really getting into the action of playing the game sims 4 Nintendo switch

This is a problem that has been present since the game’s release. 

If you are one of the unlucky people whose PlayStation system has been affected by the problem that was mentioned above, then you should be aware that you are not the only one in this predicament because there are other people who have had the exact same experience as you have had. 

The good news is that, as you will see in the following paragraphs, there are a few distinct possible solutions that can be utilized to cure Horizon Forbidden West crashing PS5 issue. 

As a result of the widespread belief that the initial version of the game included a significant number of bugs and several other challenges, a great number of players have expressed their dissatisfaction with this aspect of the game. 

It is believed that these flaws and issues only manifest themselves when the game is played in the mode that allows for backward compatibility. 

As a consequence of successive patch releases, these issues have, to some extent, been resolved to a greater extent than before.

Fix: Horizon Forbidden West Crashing on PS5 and PS4

The problem of the game not starting or the startup crashing might arise for a variety of various possible reasons from time to time. For example, 

  • a previous version of the game, 
  • a previous version of the system, 
  • any type of flaw that may be present in the system, 
  • troubles with the cache data, 
  • and so on are all examples of this. 

If you are also dealing with the same issues, putting this advice into practice may assist you in finding a solution to the problem in a timelier manner.

Why don’t we not waste any more of our time and get right down to the heart of the matter that we are discussing, shall we?

  1. Check System Updates

Before trying any other remedies, the first thing that should be done to resolve Horizon Forbidden West crashing PS4 issue is checking to see if there are any system updates that can be accessed on the PlayStation console. It is highly recommended that this be done before attempting any other solutions. It is possible that a previous build of the system is the cause of the problem.

  1. Move your way through the PlayStation system’s menu.
  2. Choose “Update System Software” from the available options on the list of menus. Be careful to check for any updates that may be available, and then proceed to complete the process of upgrading by following the directions that show on the screen. This will guarantee that you are running the latest up-to-date version of the program.
  3. After you have done making changes to the system, the system will need to be restarted so that the changes you made may take effect after you have finished.
  4. Delete Saved Game Data (PS4/PS5)

On the other hand, several Horizon Forbidden West crashing PS5 issues on the PlayStation system may also be brought on by game data that is either corrupted or missing. We recommend that you delete any saved game data that is kept on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 device. 

  1. Go to the menu that’s called ‘Settings’, then choose Storage.
  2. Make your selection by going to ‘Saved Data’ in the menu. Select Horizon Forbidden West.
  3. You may load a previously saved game by selecting it from the list.
  4. After selecting “Delete,” you will be prompted to check that you still want to delete the item(s).
  5. After you have completed everything, you will need to restart the console so that the changes you made will take effect.

When you upgrade the system on your PlayStation console, all of the locally stored game files associated with those games will be deleted. 

However, there is no need to be worried about this matter, because you are connected to the internet while playing the game, any data that is saved throughout the course of the game will be seen by you. 

The crashing issue that was happening on PS4 and PS5 consoles when playing Horizon: Forbidden West should now be fixed as a result of this update.

3. Rebuild Database (PS4/PS5)

It is possible that re-creating the database on your PlayStation system might give a rapid solution to Horizon Forbidden West crashing PS4 issue or error that may have arisen. If this is the case, then you really need to give it a go. To do so:

  1. You need to check to verify whether the video game console that you use to play games is in the off position. After making a change, you should wait for about two to three minutes. After the power line has been unplugged from the console, you should proceed to execute this next step.
  2. Now, plug the system into an electrical outlet and turn it on to begin the process of clearing the Cached Data from the device. Once this is complete, you may disconnect the power connection from the system.
  3. After that, turn on the PlayStation system while holding down the Power button until you hear two beeps. The system is ready to use at this point. 
  4. After the console has finished loading up, connect the controller to the USB port, and then hit the PS button that is located on the controller. After that, the console will begin the process of starting up in the Safe Mode.
  5. Next, a menu option that bears the heading “Rebuild Database” will be made accessible to you so that you may choose it when it appears.
  6. After that you will be prompted to reaffirm your intent to recreate the database.
  7. It is possible that the procedure will take some time if there is a significant amount of data saved on the hard drive. Have some patience.
  8. When you are finished, you may easily return to the standard manner of operation, which is to simply restart the system. This will take effect immediately.
  9. You will be able to find out whether or not the Horizon Forbidden West crashing issue has been fixed.

4. Reinstall Horizon Forbidden West

If the issue with the Horizon Forbidden West crashing game while you are playing it continues, you will need to make sure that the game Horizon Forbidden West is uninstalled from the console and then reinstalled on it. To do so:

Once you have navigated to the Settings menu, choose Storage from the list of options that are shown to you.

After you have made your decision, the Horizon Forbidden West game may be removed from your console by choosing the Delete option from the menu that appears on the screen that serves as the game’s primary interface.

After you have removed the previous game installation, you will need to go to the right online shop in order to redownload and reinstall the game from there. 

5. Reset the Console

If you find that none of the alternatives shown above work for you, you may try resetting your console to the settings it had when it was first manufactured to see whether or not this resolves the Horizon Forbidden West crashing issue. You may achieve this goal by reading the handbook that was packaged with your console and following the steps outlined within.

  1. Move your way through the PlayStation system’s menu until you reach the section that is labeled Settings.
  2. When you choose the “Initialization” tab located in the navigation bar, a drop-down menu will become accessible to you. Select “Initialize PS4” or “Initialize PS5” from this menu to get started with the process of setting up your PlayStation.
  3. After that, choose “Full” from the list of available options on the menu.
  4. Your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 will now begin the process of cleaning itself in order to automatically restore the settings to the defaults. This process may take up to ten or more minutes to complete, depending on the quantity of data that is already recorded on the storage device.
  5. When you have finished all of your actions, you will be required to perform a system restart so that it can continue operating properly.

That concludes everything, ladies and gentlemen; I appreciate you taking the time to play will elden ring be cross platform

If you have any more questions related to Horizon Forbidden West crashing, please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.