A weak or WiFi signal can be a worst nightmare Lost internet connection and poor downloading speed can test your patience while surfing the web, playing games, or watching online movies. But you don’t have to worry! This how-to guide will help you understand why your WiFi signal can become weak and also a solution to fix it. Read on!

Get a Linksys Router

I just moved into a big house and recently got an Ethernet cable. My ISP laughed at my router. I had no idea I was using a 2 generations old technology. My WiFi speed is getting slower day by day. Then, one of my friends suggested buy Linksys AC1200 router aka.ms/remoteconnect and it works. Linksys AC1200 router is all the rage when you want the fastest internet speeds possible

Don’t Hide Your Router

Your router may look disgusting looking but hiding it behind your television or in a cabinet can be worst. So, for optimum WiFi performance, place your router halfway between your modem and the area where you need the WiFi the most.

Set up Your Router Properly

After the proper placement of your Linksys router, the next important step is setting it up. Linksys router setup is not a rocket-science. The setup process can easily be done by following the step by step instructions given in Linksys router manual. In the event that the router’s manual is spinning your head, don’t blow a fuse! Straight away get in touch with us and get the Linksys router setup process done within minutes.

Check for Updates

Linksys regularly releases latest firmware updates for your router so that you can enjoy the updated benefits. Right off the bat, turn on notifications so that whenever the new firmware is available for your router, you will receive a pop-up. On the off chance if you are busy at the moment, you can reschedule the Linksys router firmware update process.

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If you ignore the firmware update pop-up, then you cannot get the most out of your linksys router. So, to get high speed of internet everywhere in your house, getting the latest firmware updated on your router is as essential as breathing.

Perform a Speed Test

If you have tried everything and still don’t see an improvement in your WiFi, check out what kind of speeds you are getting at “internet speed test”. If your internet speed is significantly lower than what you are paying for, discuss it with your ISP. Ask your service provider to upgrade your internet plan. And if you find your service provider guilty and still he refuses to work for you, simply kick him off and switch to a new and reliable ISP.

Buy a Linksys Extender

In the event that your WiFi is having trouble reaching all ends of your house, consider buying a Linksys range extender. The best-selling Linksys range extender makes your WiFi faster, and give you internet to access even in dead zones of your house.

So, set it up using the default web address, extender.linksys.com and Linksys extender login password and get the WiFi signals in those areas of your home where it was never expected, e.g. store room, basement, etc.

Kick Freeloaders

Your neighbors or freeloaders will now have access to your extended WiFi network. To kick them off, WPA encryption is much harder to hack than WEP. So, go with WPA security and also change the default Linksys router login and extender password. Doing so will help you keep your WiFi device safe from unauthorized access.

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