When planning your marketing strategy, you’ll notice how heavily it depends on video content. And among these types, animations have become a sector favourite today. But not everyone understands how to pick a video production and animation company that matches their brand’s goals. We’ve compiled these tips to guide you in selecting an animation company for your marketing videos.


Before searching for your preferred video production company, you’ve already understood your desired quality and designs. One significant way to confirm if you’ve got the right pairing is to review the company’s portfolio. Watch their previously created work which should be displayed on their websites and landing pages. Observing their past designs lets you tell a lot about a creator’s capacity and compatibility.

Services Offered

Of course, more than design is needed when hiring an animated video production company. You also want to know how flexible they are regarding their work, as not all agencies offer extra services like scripting, illustration, and even marketing consultations. Confirm how extensive their services are and the type of designs they can create. This helps you determine whether your time with them will be convenient.

Customisation Levels

It’s one thing to want a production agency that can give you the preferred design, but another to know if they think outside the box. Most animated video services employ pre-set templates adapted and edited to suit different user needs. But you may want more or table a new concept that has to be created from scratch. You want to confirm that your selected firm can meet up to such creative challenges and produce the desired customisation results.

Reviews and Feedbacks

Even when you’re satisfied with what you see on the company’s ads and website, you may still need a second, third, and sixteenth opinion. This is where reading reviews and feedbacks come in, as you’ll get firsthand accounts of their previous customers’ experiences. No matter how appealing a video production agency may seem, its true reputation is always revealed by those who have previously used its services.

Project Price

While every other factor may fall in your favour, the final and most decisive one remains how much the service costs. While you have a budget to work around, some of your preferred video production agencies may work at a cost that exceeds it. And while you may find others that are less expensive, you may have to make a tradeoff in quality and delivery time.

The Bottom Line

Different factors determine what video animation production company is right for your project. But you don’t have to scroll through an extensive list to find the ultimate option. You can always choose Zelios Agency for your video production and animation works, and rest assured of superior quality results at every take. Send a request to our mail today, and we’ll be glad to start on your project.