Some people believe that finding great products is the only way to succeed in an online business, but others think marketing is the key.

However, many dropshippers make the fatal mistake of focusing on less important things and neglecting what is most important: finding the best Dropshipping products.

The experience of choosing the winning products from AliExpress was a great one and continues to produce interesting results. Adspy tools have become more efficient in finding trending products and are quicker to use.

This article will reveal how to choose the Dropshipping product that is most successful with Dropispy Adspy Tool and other free tools.

How to find the best Dropshipping products

There are many ways to make money, but this article will focus on 2 methods that have been proven effective (AliExpress or Facebook) as well as one method that has the highest effectiveness: Adspy tools.

  • You can start by browsing AliExpress,… to see a product with more orders, and thus in style.
  • The second option is watching the ads in your Facebook News Feed.
  • The third option is to use an Adspy Tool like Minea, DropiSpy, or any other tool that helps you find great products on social networking sites.

Let’s go through each one one by one to discover which one is more efficient and which could bring you great success.

Use AliExpress

Although this option of using AliExpress to search for the best products was available in the past, it has lost some of its effectiveness in light of digital realities.

Let us now remind you that dropping shipping products to AliExpress can take a while.

It is better to find other ways to meet current needs.

Make use of Facebook

While the method of finding the winning products on Facebook has the advantage that it is free, it does require you to identify which ads have higher interactions or are trending. This category is often very rare on Facebook.

Despite all the efforts one might make to place potential ads on Facebook, we don’t always find the majority of interesting or winning ads.

This is why Adspy tools are more effective and efficient in obtaining the best Dropshipping products.

How to use Ad spy tool Dropispy to find winning products

Adspy software is best to spy on social media ads. Adspy tools are able to collect millions of ads each day, and then make them easily accessible on their platforms.

Their database allows you to search for the ads that are most relevant to your business. This could be targeted at your particular audience or niche. This will give you access to a vast database of millions upon millions of advertisements that you can use to create a winning product.

Adspy tools can be described as the fastest of the three methods that we have studied. They allow you to not just find winning products, but also take control of your market. Because you have the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to dropshipping.

Since Adspy is social media advertising spyware, we will be exploring what it is and how it can benefit your business. Dropshipping and e-commerce.

What is an Adspy tool and why use them?

We will address these two themes one after another in order to support this component.

What is an Adspy tool?

An Adspy Tool, a social media advertising sourcing tool, is available. The tool gathers millions upon millions of social media advertisements and finds the best, most trending ads.

This makes it possible for Dropshippers to choose the best products. Dropispy is an advertising tool that ranks the best stores.

Why use an Adspy tool?

An Adspy Tool can be used to source social media ads. This tool analyzes millions of social media ads to find the most effective and trending ads.

It allows you to identify the most successful products for dropshipping. Dropispy, an adspy tool, ranks the top stores.

DropiSpy tool is what we trust.

DrospiSpy has the ability to spy on Facebook ads using a variety of filters and sorting. Keep you competitive by monitoring the best stores and competitors.

This allows it to collect millions of ads each day, and then make them available for you. You can filter and sort this information (according to your particular objectives). Dropshipping’s most popular products.

Find a Dropshipping product with the DropiSpy Adspy tool

It takes many strategies to identify the best Dropshipping products. We only need to use one or two strategies to get the outlines.

This will require us to use an Adspy Tool to achieve this. DropiSpy will be our next example.

Dropshipping products are a great way to start your research. You need to identify which ads have the highest number of interactions and promote potential products before you can find them.

Let’s take a look at a case to show you how to identify the most popular products. This particular case uses the Dropispy Adspy Tool. Next, we’ll cover some important points.

Precise ad search window 

DropiSpy’s Adspy Tool allows you to sort ads according to “last seen” date or by first seen on DropiSpy.

We need to refine our search in order to find a lot of Dropshipping ads. This is why DropiSpy’s database should be used to help us search.

Click on “Filters” in the upper left corner. See the image below.

The tool’s window lets us refine our search amongst the millions of ads in its database. Take a look at what this window shows you:

Let’s now get to the date for creating ads.

Ad creation 

We will now filter the ads to find the top Dropshipping trends. You can filter ads by the “creation date” filter. This allows you to choose between 2 dates.

Let’s now take a look in 30 days at a time, which means that ads were published 30 days before today. We now have the following:

The Call To Action

Let’s also try to identify the call to action in the ad. Dropshipping product ads typically use “Shop Now”. You can also use “Apply Now” and “Get Offer”.

Many Dropshippers employ a promotional strategy in order to convert prospects into customers. Dropshippers can reduce the price of products by as much as 50%. You can also add the call-to-action button.

Let’s now discuss the ad redirection system

The ad redirection platform

Dropshipping stores typically use the Shopify Content Management System. Let’s say we want to target popular e-commerce platforms. This is how we get the following:

There are also media types that we should be interested in.

The Media type

We have the option to filter ads only by video formats. This allows us to target Facebook users with the best possible videos. These video formats are often used for Dropshipping ads.

How about the language spoken in the target country and native tongue of the advertisement? Let’s touch on this!

Country and language

You can filter countries by advertiser to refine and deepen our search even after the ad is posted on Facebook.

It is great to be able to sort the ads. Let’s take a look!

Sorting ads in search

You can also use the drop-down list in the upper right corner to sort our search results.

You have the option to sort by number of comments, likes, shares or other criteria. We are only interested in how many “shares” you have.

If you sort by shares, then the ads matching your search will be sorted according to share. Thus, the top search results will display the ads with most shares. Dropshipping ads that are most shared tend to win and go viral.


Dropshippers and E-merchants should have all the tools they need to quickly find the best Dropshipping product. This will make them incredibly successful.

Adspy tools will make it easy to prove that Dropshipping can be a profitable business. These tools save you time, unlike research on and Facebook. They also allow you to get the winning products and trends as soon as you can.

Adspy Tool is also an app that allows you to monitor ads on Facebook and other social media. It allows you to track ads in real-time and helps you identify the winning products. This article will help you understand why and how it works through a case focusing on Dropispy’s Adspy tool.