There are times when we have to obtain the services of a personal injury attorney. You’ll need someone to protect your legal rights as you suffer through a difficult time in your life—one of the best places to find such services in Allentown, PA.

When seeking a qualified Allentown attorney, first search for their success rates. We’ll focus on finding success rates for an Allentown personal injury attorney.

Law Firms

Let’s say you suffer a severe injury in the Lehigh Valley due to someone else’s negligence. There’s a good chance that you can take the case to court. Maybe you were the victim of a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, dog bite, or medical negligence. You’ll want to find an experienced Allentown injury attorney to help guide you through the process of seeking out compensation for your suffering. For example, you might wish to receive restitution from the person’s insurance company who caused the car accident. In other cases, you might need one of the small businesses in your area to help pay for medical expenses for injuries you experienced while at their location.

When seeking out a personal injury lawyer to tackle your case, it’s best to find their success rates. This will give you a better idea of the competency of any injury lawyer you decide to hire. One source of such success rates is from the personal injury law firms. They will be able to provide you with the success rates of their experienced Allentown injury lawyers. Find a law firm that will be transparent with such records. This will help you to form a better decision on who to hire. Law firms are good resources to locate the success rates for an Allentown injury attorney.

Court Records

Court records would be another source for obtaining success rates for a prospective personal injury attorney. When a case goes to court, a record will be kept by your local or state court. Seeking out a lawyer’s success rate will require a bit of homework on your part. You can generally find such information in places like free court dockets, legal dockets online, Pacer Pro, and PlainSite. In some circumstances, you will pay a fee to obtain the documents you’ll need to find an Allentown injury lawyer’s success rates.

This is where it helps to be someone who doesn’t mind doing research. This sometimes can make for a tough time scouring computer records for such information. You’ll more than likely spend hours sifting through cases focusing on construction accidents, auto accidents, and medical malpractice cases. At the end of your search, though, you’ll be provided with the information that you need. Finding these success rates will give you peace of mind about hiring the right Allentown injury lawyer.

Word of Mouth

Often one of the best ways to find the information you need is to seek out word of mouth. When looking for the win-to-loss ratio of an Allentown injury lawyer, ask other people in the law field. Find those other lawyers, paralegals, law clerks, judges, or other people involved in the legal process to give you insight into your prospective attorney. They will have the best idea of how your potential personal injury law attorney has performed in the courtroom.

In many cases, these individuals will combine years of experience in law and unfiltered insight into the success rates of an attorney. They’ll let you know if your Allentown lawyer has a proven track record as an accomplished litigator. On the other hand, they might give you the insight needed to keep your search ongoing. Either way, seeking out word of mouth to find out the success rates is an excellent step to take.