A variety of gadgets and equipment have Printed Circuit Boards installed in them. It is necessary to have a good quality PCB to ensure the best possible outcome of the end product. Printed Circuit Board Assembly is a complex process through which all the components are connected in a circuit and soldered. For this complicated work, it is necessary to have a good company on board that could deliver the correct and reliable PCB FS Tech with no or least possible faults.

Before finding the most suitable company, you should know the process of PCB Assembly. Either one of the two following processes is used:

• Surface-Mount Technology: a quick, cost-effective technique to build smaller, lighter boards

• Through-Hole Technology: a labor-intensive, expensive method that makes larger sized and more durable boards.

Choosing the low volume high mix PCB Assembly company is a difficult task. Several things should be checked before selecting a company.

  1. Research According to Your Needs: 

Do spend enough time researching the perfect company to assemble your PCB. Don’t rush through this process. Take enough time to gather information about the company. You shall look for a company that will match your time frame and budget and has expertise in manufacturing the required products.

  1. Experience of the Company:

Once you are done researching the companies, you must have short-listed a few manufacturers. Ask every potential manufacturer about their experience in manufacturing the products needed and for how long they have been in the industry. You should also know about the technology they are using; surface-mount or through-hole technology. It is also necessary to know about the equipment used in PCB Assembly.

  1. Quality Assurance: 

Quality assurance is a difficult task. But there are ways to assess it. Any information about their previous customers and the number of repeat orders received can tell a lot about their quality. As PCB has to go through testing while being manufactured, it is essential to know about the testing techniques that the company is using.

  1. Certifications:

In addition to that, look for certifications that the company has. Every company has to go through strict tests to gain certifications. It will give you assurance about the quality of the product made by the company.

  1. Good Customer Support:

A good customer is always important as the company should provide you with a solution to your problems when needed. It is a positive sign when the company’s representative answers your queries nicely and encourages you to ask questions.

  1. Cost Comparison and Finalizing the Deal:

Once you have received quotations from the companies you have short-listed, you should compare the prices. You would not want to choose the company offering the lowest price at this stage. Select a company that gives the best value for money. You should select the manufacturer that is ready to provide a good quality product with speedy and timely delivery and deliver the right order size.

It is advisable to give a small order to any manufacturer selected and check the quality of the product, delivery time, and their response and flexibility for the order.

  1. Red Flags:

There is no need to ignore the red flags. Any unresponsiveness from the manufacturer’s end must not be ignored. They should answer your queries, and the company should be flexible to accommodate your needs. They should not take too long to complete your order as well.


Finding the perfect company for PCB assembly is a difficult job. Spare enough time to search for good manufacturers as it directly impacts the quality of PCB and the end-product manufactured using it. The task should be given to a reliable company, ready to fulfill your demands.