Maybe you just turned 21 and are eager to take full advantage of the new recreational cannabis regulations in your state. Or, maybe you have been of-age for a while, but you are just now becoming interested in legal bud. Whatever the case, you need to find the dispensaries near you — and ideally the best dispensaries in your area with top-shelf strains, affordable prices and excellent ambiance.

Fortunately, finding dispensaries isn’t rocket science. Here are the best ways to find the best dispensaries in your area, no matter where your area is:

Drive Around Your Neighborhood

You might have already thought of this method of finding a dispensary: driving around looking for dispensary signs. Sometimes, dispensaries aren’t always obvious about their presence in a neighborhood; you might need to look for a green cross, a marijuana leaf or store names that contain words like “herb” or “green.” Here are some ideas for typical dispensary names:

Different cities have different zoning laws determining where dispensaries can legally operate. In most places these zoning laws are unfairly strict, preventing pot shops from opening in certain neighborhoods to control the consumption of cannabis by certain groups. The regular retail spaces around your home might not zoned for dispensary operations, so this method of finding dispensaries isn’t always effective.

Talk to Stoners in Your Social Circle

The cannabis community is usually more than eager to lend a helping hand. Especially now that cannabis legalization is so widespread and that weed stigma is falling away, avid stoners tend to be enthusiastic about pointing newbie users toward the best possible weed. If you know a stoner — even if they are distant in your social circle, a friend of a friend — you should feel free to ask them where you should go for your first dispensary experience. Though you might not take their advice when it comes to products, which will likely be well out of your tolerance range, you can trust them to have good opinions on dispensary quality.

Use Online Dispensary Finding Tools

The most convenient way to find dispensaries in your area, especially if you don’t know any stoners, is to use online tools. Smarter stoners have compiled all sorts of data about dispensaries in different states to help you find the pot shop closest to you with the products you most crave. Our favorite online dispensary-finder is Weedmaps, which has an intuitive interface that displays a map of your state with different types of dispensaries in different colors. For example, if you live in California, your Weedmap looks like this: Weedmaps will tell you about the dispensary’s menu, what services it offers (like home delivery), any ongoing deals and how other cannabis users have found their experience, so you can determine whether a particular dispensary is right for you.

Look at Dispensary Websites

Whether you get a dispensary name from driving around, asking friends or searching the web, you might do some basic research on your options before you commit to an in-person visit. Legitimate dispensaries will have polished websites that provide more information about the store’s menu, product sourcing and pricing. Many dispensaries have FAQs that answer newbie questions about types of weed, methods of consumption and what you need to bring to your first visit. If you like the way a website looks, you will probably like the dispensary itself.

Explore Different Shops

It might be tempting to continue returning to the first dispensary you ever visit, but to find the best dispensary for you, you need to explore other shops. As you do, take mental (or physical!) notes about the ambiance, the service, the available products, the parking situation and any other aspect that affects your experience. Eventually, you will find a dispensary that makes you feel at home, and that is the pot shop you should keep going back to.

You don’t need to be a 420 expert to take advantage of a legal weed dispensary. In fact, most recreational dispensaries nowadays are almost indistinguishable from typical retail stores, which helps newbies like you feel more comfortable. Still, dispensaries can look and feel unique, so you can benefit by searching around for the right dispensary for you.