Pandemic is hard for everyone; whether it’s financial, personal, or social, it hits all aspects of life. Most importantly, it affects the daily routines; it disrupts the normal and introduces us to new normal. With the real toll, it brings, having affected with it and getting you in isolation is a major setback mentally and physically.

Coping and re-structuring yourself during quarantine is not an easy job, but one has to pick themselves up and become a better and more organized human being. As a student, if you are in quarantine, it’s not an easy job to remain in isolation for longer, but if you take proper care, you come out a strong human being and a well-disciplined one.

Here are a few suggestions and tips that help you stay motivated for studies and act as a coping mechanism for your mental and physical health. Stay strong, and you will be fine; follow the routine and techniques provided here.

Motivation to Study during Quarantine

Develop and Follow a Routine:

The key to staying motivated in quarantine is developing a routine and sticking to it. Follow the routine strictly and keep yourself engaged in different tasks. As for your study, a strictly following routine will work best and helps you cover and keep you busy, helps lower down your trauma, and is effective for your mental health.

  • First, wake up the same early time you woke up for your school/college. Take a shower or change your dress, eat your breakfast and follow the routine of studying by sitting in your study space.
  • Make a timetable for your study and then follow it completely, divide your time in different chunks to cover all the topics and subjects, set small goals, and try to accomplish them regularly. It will boost confidence and eventually keep you motivated.
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  • Once you are done with your study, use your free time to read or play any indoor game you like; you can use your cell phone to use social media, talk to friends, or participate in group chats.
  • After an exhausting and busy routine, go to bed, prioritize sleep, and follow a sleep schedule. All these things will eventually help you stay motivated and enhance your focus.

Organize your Space:

It doesn’t matter where you are quarantined; what matters is how you organize the space according to your need. It would be best to have your books, stationery, computer, and extracurricular or sports/game-related equipment for studying.

Once you set the whole place, it helps you deal with your emotional and mental state and transform the place according to your requirements. You will be more comfortable and motivated to study and push yourself towards your goals.

Connect and Communicate:

Quarantine has its limits and safety measures; one of them is to remain in isolation and refrain from any physical contact. If you are a socially active person or not, love to go outside or not, sometimes human interaction is all you need.

Although physical contact is not possible in quarantine, you can connect with your friends and loved ones through social media or organize online group sessions and talks. It will help you in elevating and uplifting your mood. Apart from this, you can also talk with you’re:

  • Teachers and professors for advice and ask for help for studies if needed.
  • Organize virtual study group sessions.

Divide your Tasks into Smaller parts:

An easy and efficient way to accomplish larger goals or tasks is by dividing them into smaller ones. Smaller tasks/parts are easy to accomplish, and they are one step in the right direction. These smaller tasks will eventually keep you closer to your broader goal and boost your morale and confidence.

Once your confidence and sense of accomplishment are on the right level, you feel motivated and charged up. For the study, make a breakdown of subjects or assignments, make a plan of action, accomplish it and last but not least, reward yourself for that too; self-appreciation itself is a very powerful tool.

Be Kind with Yourself:

Pandemic and then quarantine put a lot of toll on your mind and body. These are stressful times, and dealing with that is not easy, but one will survive and become a better human being if one follows the right direction. Following tips are must along with other methods and techniques.

  • Be kind to yourself; don’t be too hard on yourself; these are unusual circumstances.
  • Stick to yourself and your originality; keep your sense of alive.
  • Work on your mind, body, and soul, take quarantine as self-reflection time, and nourish yourself.
  • Connect with yourself, appreciate and remain positive for yourself.


Quarantine is not easy, especially when there is negativity and a stressful environment around you due to the pandemic. It hits you hard and demotivates you. But if the right techniques and methods are followed, you will cope well with these unprecedented times, boost your self-confidence, and keep you motivated to accomplish your study goals.