COVID-19 has changed the world. The Great Resignation and the economic recession continue in 2022. These have taught entrepreneurs the value of shifting the way they do business in order to survive in the current climate. 

As a result of the numerous changes brought about by the pandemic, employees’ expectations have changed as well. For instance, most prefer to join companies that highlight the importance of wellness benefits and empathic leadership. Perhaps the most prevalent change is the rising demand for a fully remote and hybrid work model. The lockdown measures have forced more than half of the workforce to work from home. These gave employees the taste of the flexibility that remote work offers. So, if you are an employer, always consider workforce trends when hiring your next worker.

What to Do Before Finding an Employee in 2022

To ensure that you can find the best fit, follow these basic steps before you search for an employee. 

1. Know the tasks you need help with.

Don’t dive straight into posting a job ad without knowing the specific tasks that you want your new hire to perform. First, take a look at all the tasks that are crowding your to-do list. Make a list of all the tasks that you’d rather not do or the tasks which you think are taking your time away from focusing on what’s truly important for your business.

2 Create a job description.

Once you have a list of all the tasks. Do your research on what type of worker you may need. Just a tip, if the tasks are too varied, you can consider hiring general virtual assistant services. Regardless of what position you need to be filled, you need to create a detailed job description to increase the possibility of hiring the right worker.

3. Decide on the benefits and work model.

After a job description is ready, decide whether or not you want your worker to be remote or on-site. You can also do some research on the benefits and perks you want to offer if this is something that you’re considering.

How to Find an Employee in 2022

Once you’re done with the mentioned steps, you are now ready to find an employee for your business.

  1. Post on social networks – The best way to do this is to start by creating an enticing graphic asset that contains the job title, the job description, and information on how a job searcher can send their application. You can share this job ad through stories and posts. 
  2. Use job search sites – These sites are intended specifically for job searchers to post their resumes and for employers to post their job ads. These platforms allow for a smoother job application process. Plus, there’s no shortage of talents from different parts of the world for varied industries. However, the downside is that it will take much longer for an employer to find the perfect fit. 
  3. Use virtual assistant companies Virtual assistant services are cost-efficient. Virtual assistant companies make the process of hiring and training a VA even easier. That is why hiring a VA from virtual assistant companies is considered a cost-efficient option. Virtual assistant companies like Virtudesk take care of the recruitment, training, and onboarding of VAs. 

How Virtudesk Can Help Your Business

The virtual assistant services offered by Virtudesk increase business productivity and improve cash flow. Virtudesk’s clients can save money by writing off their virtual assistant costs as a marketing expense. Apart from that, by partnering up with Virtudesk, businesses don’t have to spend on overhead costs since the VAs will be the ones providing their own office equipment and taking care of internet connection. Another edge that hiring from Virtudesk offers is that they have account managers. These account managers communicate with the clients regularly in order to assess their satisfaction with the performance of their assigned VAs. Not only that, these account managers also provide training in case the clients need their VAs to upskill.