Amazon self-publishing is an easy and free way to start selling your books. Moreover, Amazon became the #1 retailer for books worldwide; therefore, it is a powerful way to get exposure for your book.

But understanding Amazon’s marketplace and selecting relevant categories can be challenging for authors. In this article, we will show you why it is crucial to find the correct categories and how to do it quickly but efficiently.

Why do Amazon book categories matter?

Choosing the correct categories for your book is essential to help new readers discover your book, match their expectations, and, most importantly, make sales.

Gain exposure

Categories must be relevant to your book, so your ideal readers will be able to find them when they are browsing through categories.

Become a “suggestion”

If your book is in the correct category, the Amazon algorithm will recommend your book to customers who have just bought another book.

Get a bestseller badge

Getting a #1 ranking will get your book more exposure and increase your sales. All you have to do is find the right category and rank first in sales.

How to find Amazon book categories?

Finding book categories and analyzing your competition can take hours, but it is crucial for success. To save you some time and effort, we have collected the most important things to look out for when you are about to choose your categories.

Browse and select from Amazon

Let’s start with browsing on Amazon and creating a list for yourself; this is the old-fashioned way to find your categories. You can do this by going to the sidebar and clicking on the subcategories until you find your categories.

Find categories in 3 quick steps

The Amazon category browser is a great way to find categories, but it is incredibly time-consuming. If you would like to save some hours, we highly recommend you the Amazon KDP Category Finder, a tool that will help you to find your Amazon categories in 3 easy and quick steps:

1. Enter relevant keyword

First, ask yourself, what are the words that best describe your book. Enter these keywords into the search bar one by one.

2. Discover categories

Once you hit enter, you will see related categories and relevance scores for each category.

3. Set up your categories on Amazon

Now that you have found your matching categories, simply go back to Amazon KDP and select your book categories; by following the same chain shown in the tool.

Choose competitive vs. less competitive categories

Always choose one category that is less competitive; there, you will have more chances to rank on the first page.

Add more categories

Amazon lets you choose two categories at first. However, it would be best if you didn’t settle for only two. You can list your book in up to 10 categories! Once you have published your book, log into your Author Central account, and ask them to add more categories.

Recheck and change

Amazon is constantly changing; therefore, you must check your categories regularly and change them if needed. Go back to the mentioned category finder tool and find more related categories that fit your book.

Set yourself up for success

Your chosen categories are the key to discoverability on Amazon, and you must find the relevant ones to have exposure and generate sales.Following the above steps, you can easily find them, get ready to rank and get your book suggested and purchased.