If you are trying to figure out your tablet’s reset, you are on the right path because this article by Tablets Wiki will answer how to factory reset a nextbook Windows Tablet. However, the action is pretty simple. But it has its cons. What are these drawbacks we will find in the article?

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Factory reset

A factory reset is a program in any electronic device that restores it to its original form. It is also known as a hard reset. When you perform this action on your device, it simply restores it to its unused raw form.

There are two methods to perform this function. These methods will tell you how to factory reset a nextbook windows tablet.

Method 1

● Go to settings.

● Scroll down till you see “backup and reset.”

● Select it, and your device will start the factory reset system.

Method 2

Press the volume down and power button together. When you do this, your device system navigation shows up. Now use volume up and down buttons to select through options. Select factory data reset with the power button. And your device enters the reset mode.

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Need to factory reset

The main question you should ask is why there arises a need to factory reset. Well, usually, there are multiple reasons.

  • Removes viruses
  • Speeds up device
  • Free up some space
  • Password problem

Removes Viruses

Well, it is not a proven method. But a factory reset removes viruses. Nowadays, viruses are continuously evolving. Hard resetting your device does not always remove the viruses. But it does the trick. For a short while, you can have your raw device back. Enjoy as long as it remains in good shape. Remember to install good antivirus programs. So you can get rid of the problem quickly.

Speeds up Device

When your device gets older, it gets hard to work properly because of the enormous apps, games, and stuff you have. When you install an app, it stores its cache data in the background or somewhere hidden in the device. When the build-up gets heavier, your phone or device becomes slow. Devices get slow with time, making everyday functions harder.

A factory reset does not boost up the speed of your device. But it restores it. When you hard reset a device, it wipes out all the apps. Hence your tablet gets free space so that you can use it wisely.

Free Up Some Space

Cleaning up your tablet deletes all the files. So when you perform a hard reset, your device gets plenty of space. All previous apps and data wipe away.

Hence you get a lot of free space as a result.

Password Problem

Most of the time, this is also the reason behind factory reset. If you forget your password and now have no idea how to turn it on. Then use factory reset. It wipes out your device completely. No password on the screen, and you can access your device easily.

Back up data

Note down one thing. Performing a factory reset will erase all of your data. So store your essential data somewhere first. Probably in your google drive.


Now you know how to factory reset a nextbook windows tablet. The process is more straightforward, and you get a lot of free space. It can occasionally remove viruses and speed up your phone. Although it is not a permanent option, it does help you for some time.


Is factory reset a built-in software?

A factory reset is a built-in software in every smart device. It removes everything except for the system apps and files. This feature allows your device to remove any excessive data that keeps piling up in your device after the installation of every app.

Does factory reset solve problems regarding viruses?

It does not remove viruses altogether, but sometimes it helps get rid of viruses that lie in apps.

Does hard reset wipe away all data?

Yes. When you factory reset your tablet, all of your data goes away. Because it deletes everything from your device. Your tablet becomes as good as new, just like when you first bought it.