Delhi-NCR is presently witnessing increasing market estimation for startups, valued at $50 billion as of 2019. Also, with more than 7000 startup businesses, Delhi has become the country’s leading site for innovative businesses.

There are several reasons for Delhi’s popularity when it comes to being the home for various startups. Due to its large population, plenty of skilled employees are available here. As a metropolitan city, raw materials are also easily accessible.

Moreover, multiple financial organisations offer business loans in Delhi that help entrepreneurs to initiate or expand their business ideas.

Here are some top business ideas in Delhi with affordable investments-

  1. Tea and breakfast cafe

These days, tea and breakfast cafes have gained more popularity than any other eateries. Also, this business idea does not require as much funding as conventional restaurants.

Individuals can start this cafe business by investing money in renting a small-medium space, decorating indoors and outdoors, raw materials, employee salary, and other expenses. However, the rent depends on the property and its location.

The estimated investment to start this business can be Rs.10-15 lakh that can be financed by availing a business loan in Delhi.

  1. Tailoring business

Even though individuals often purchase readymade clothes online, a certain section of consumers still prefers the perfection found in tailored dresses.

Whether it is for bridal lehengas or formal office suits, individuals prefer to wear well-tailored clothes as per their measurements.

Depending on the size of the business, entrepreneurs need to choose a space on rent, employ some skilled tailors, and purchase the latest stitching and sewing machines.

Thus, individuals need to invest Rs.5-8 lakh in materialising a tailoring business in Delhi. They can find various financing options like personal loans for self-employed at affordable interest rates.

  1. Forest at home

Pollution is one of the major concerns of the present generation. Pollution can give rise to a host of health disorders. Moreover, as per NASA research, indoor pollution is 10 times more harmful than the outdoor environment. Additionally, in polluted cities like Delhi, a forest at home business can be easy to expand if appropriately promoted.

This is a fresh and new business idea that is finding approval from consumers. Nonetheless, competition is still comparatively lower in this segment. Like most other enterprises today, this business can be operated both online and offline.

Business minds need to invest in plants, space, efficient gardeners, and other associated expenses. Thus, the initial funding might go up to Rs.6-8 lakh approximately. Government loan schemes for small enterprises or personal loans for self-employed can be the apt option to raise finance for the forest at home business ventures.

  1. Event planner

Whether for a wedding or birthday, Indians prefer to host grand celebrations for all events. Due to the busy work schedule, individuals often look for consultancies that plan and coordinate such events from start to end.

Therefore, event planning can be one of the best business ideas in India. An event requires sufficient space, decoration, quality food, and entertainment.

Thus, to initiate this business idea, entrepreneurs require to invest in food equipment like freezer, microwave, stove, etc., skilled workers, raw materials, decoration materials, an SEO optimised website and strategic marketing.

Business owners can look for business loans in Delhi for an estimated amount of Rs.10-15 lakh to begin this business. Various financial organisations like Bajaj Finserv provide Business Loans up to Rs.30 lakh at attractive interest rates with minimal documentation. Thus, individuals can avail financing facilities as per their requirements.

Also, this financier provides pre-approved offers to ensure hassle-free and fast loans. Not only business loans, but also these offers are applicable to personal loans and other financial products. Additionally, borrowers can check their pre-approved offers on the online portal by entering their names and contact numbers.

Lastly, whether ideas for businesses in the service sector or manufacturing sector, every business venture holds a fair stake of a risk factor. One should be willing to bear these risks to find success in their chosen stream. Moreover, individuals should believe in their ideas and start by opting for business loans in Delhi and work hard to reach the top of the ladder.