People living in inherently damp and humid areas have to worry a lot about mold. Now don’t get us wrong, mold is ubiquitous and it can grow pretty much anywhere but it requires some typical conditions to grow in a way that can be dangerous if not mitigated soon. In this article we will look at several causes of mold development and how to get rid of them in an effective manner without causing much damage.

Mould is a common issue in many types of buildings, and it can be a major problem if you have water leaks or other types of moisture in your home. If you want to prevent mould from growing in your house, then you will need to hire a professional wall tie service. There are many types of wall ties that they offer, so the best way to decide what type would work best for your needs is by consulting with them. They will walk through some options with you and recommend which types would work best based on both the location of the leak and how much time has passed since it was discovered.

Causes of Mold Development that are Easy to Overlook

As mentioned earlier mold spores are present everywhere even in the areas that you do not look at frequently. These can be under the shower heads, plumbing system, roof leaks, attics, carpets, bathroom and remote kitchen areas that are frequently soaked with water and are cleaned less frequently. Mold makes itself visible only after a lot of damage has been done, therefore as a good practice you must notice subtle signs such as water marks, water leakage and poorly ventilated areas and improve them. After adverse climatic conditions such as floods or water leakage due to hurricanes or storms, you must inspect particularly vulnerable areas to take action for removal of water. Keeping the humidity levels below 55% helps in preventing mold development.

Mold development is a problem and might turn into an expensive one if your home insurance policy does not cover it. Most policies cover mold damage due to flood however if flood is not the cause of mold damage you may experience difficulty in getting your claim settled. One tip would be to contact ProFloridian Public Adjusters in Fort Lauderdale for getting your rightful claim.

Prevention of Mold Development

Here are some easy ways in which you can prevent mold development:

  1. Keep the humidity levels in check by investing in a good quality dehumidifier if you live in an otherwise humid area. An air conditioner to maintain ambient temperatures is also necessary to avoid cold temperatures. Cold and humid conditions make for a perfect breeding ground for mold.
  2. Exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms, mold inhibitors in wall paints before application and cleaning your bathrooms and kitchens with bleach and other mold inhibiting chemicals are a series of steps you can undertake to prevent mold growth.
  3. Ensure that carpets and any other form of floor upholstery stays clear of water or damp areas, if they do get them aired out as fast as you can. Any areas that have a possibility of seepage of moisture such as floor area under houseplants, basements, bathrooms, or a shared wall must regularly be aired out or exposed to sunlight.

Actions to be taken after mold development

  1. If the house has flooded, try and remove standing water as soon as possible and create ways to ventilate the area.
  2. Clean mold development with bleach and water and take precautions such as wearing hand gloves and mask to tackle it
  3. Expose any clothes, furniture, upholstery or carpets that may have been dampened due to water to sunlight and air
  4. If expensive items have been damaged or mold growth has developed beyond your handling, call in experts. In this situation it is better to not touch any affected area some molds are toxic and may cause respiratory problems
  5. This also may be an appropriate time to look at your home insurance policy and file for a suitable claim. In case you require help with the settlement amount you can consult Public Adjusters in Fort Lauderdale for an estimate of your damage and guidance on claim amount.

Mold development can prove detrimental for people with respiratory problems and can aggravate symptoms of allergy, therefore must be removed as soon as possible. Any items damaged due to mold must be carefully disposed of away from the reach of children.