Becoming a Chartered Accountant is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and even after that, sometimes it becomes too overwhelming to think about it. The start of it is quite tough. Clearing the exam itself is very tough, and a student needs proper preparation and, more importantly, confidence to face the exam and nail it. This confidence comes when one knows that they are prepared and now absolutely ready to give the exam.

To understand this and get a knowledge of how well prepared one is, it becomes important that they test their knowledge. This can be achieved by giving multiple tests by enrolling into CA inter test series Nov 2021, with an absolute calm mind and no double thoughts of any other exam pressure and worries. Let us discuss it in detail.

What are the benefits of the test series?

The following are the important benefits of appearing for the CA test series-

•Helps understand how well prepared one is to get an idea of where they lack, their weak points, and where they have to work harder.

•Helps one understands the scheme of the actual question paper. The test series question papers are made so that they resemble how the actual paper is. Most test Series papers are made of the same or even higher level of difficulty, thus improving and effective preparation.

•There are always a set of questions that are mostly present in all years’ actual papers. Test series are made with these types of questions in mind and help students understand the most probable questions they can expect.

•More the number of test series attempted, the faster becomes the student to solve the paper. Test series help students get the idea of how much time to give to a certain question, depending on its difficulty, and how to complete the entire paper within the restricted time constraint.

•Mock Tests help the student get a feel of the real exam, helping them cope up with the fear of the exam. Thus helping to improve the overall performance of the student.

How to Enroll for InterTest Series?

There are various ways and options for one to enrol for any intertest series, but one should know the reviews about those series and know well enough if they’re worth it or not. Many people offer to enrol for online intertest series so one can sit in one city and be able to prepare from the best test series of another city. But some students may want to have the typical feel of the examination and want to take in campus test series. Either of them, one needs to approach the coaching centre, online or offline, fill in the form, pay what is required, and they’re good to go.

Every individual needs to test their knowledge and preparation before the final exam. It lets one know what to improve and helps build confidence to face the final exam.