Running a business is complex, and you may have responsibilities such as customer service, recruitment, and inventory. You can invest a lot on security, but if you do not consider looking after employee theft, it will hurt you because you won’t see it coming. Having a professional security guard patrol is essential to cover for theft cases, and it is a statement of intent that you are wary of your security. Here are effective ways to spot and prevent employee theft.

Ways to spot a thief among employees

They like working solo

A working environment should be collaborative. If you find an employee who likes isolating themselves, chances are they have something they are hiding. They might ask for abnormal shift hours, when they are sure they will be working with less people around them. You need to take better control of your micro-management needs to ensure you monitor every employee.

They are spending above their means

This falls under your finance department. You should be able to monitor your employee’s financial situation to notice any abnormal behavior. For example, when an employee makes a purchase they usually cannot afford, you should be wary of their moves. You can always inquire for their source of income, and counter check whether your business finances are adding up.

They show suspicious behavior

Malicious acts you should watch out for include;

  • Playing the blame game
  • Missing company items
  • Absenteeism

Statistics show that employees that often call in absent,  are most likely engaging in fraud. You need to be up to speed with employee behavior and you will stand a better chance to identify any malicious activity and stop it before it gets worse.

Prevention tactics

Hire a professional

You might have already established a trust level with your employees. That should not be the only protection level for your business. You need a professional loss prevention officer to watch over the employees and report on malicious behavior. Alternatively, you can train a section of your employees to work on the same role. Hiring a professional is a statement of intent for your business and it is a wise decision that will help you achieve a good return on investment.

Hire a security guard patrol

A security guard patrol is like an extra reinforcement in your business. They can monitor your business assets and prevent any form of physical theft or burglary. Employee theft can slip under your watch, and you can lose a lot if no one is available to check the business activities. A security guard patrol will help with many other activities, such as checking locks, and watching over movement in and out of the company premises.

Liaise with law enforcement

You should be ready to establish contact with law enforcement officers to help you with investigations. They have the expertise to handle security issues beyond your reach, and those that might affect other companies or society. Law enforcement officers can collaborate with your security guards or other relevant employees to get them up to speed with strategies to handle inhouse theft.

Final thoughts

Employee theft is one of the frauds that can occur within your business and you should not underestimate its prevalence. It can cost you a lot in your investment and damage your company’s reputation. You should maintain spotting and prevention strategies to help you curb the practice, and you can protect your investment. This guide gives you what you need to identify and prevent employee theft in your organization. For example, by having a security guard patrol you will have someone to watch over employee behavior.