The house mouse is probably one of the most annoying common household pests worldwide. With the ability to quickly multiply and nibble on virtually all types of food left behind by humans and animals, these pests can survive under the toughest conditions! Mice have bacteria present in their faecal matter that can cause severe food poisoning when humans consume food contaminated by mouse droppings. In addition, due to their strong teeth, mice can chew through virtually any and all materials ranging from paper and plastic to hardier wood materials and even some types of metal. Due to the extensive damage, their presence can cause, it’s important to act quickly to eradicate mice in a home.

Signs Of An Infestation

Mice often make their presence known in a property by leaving behind droppings in a pattern, gnaw marks on furnishings and household objects or through other forms of damage. It is also possible to detect the presence of mice due to odour as their faecal matter leaves behind a perceptible musty smell. 

These rodents love dark, enclosed spaces, which is why they choose the darkest undisturbed portions of a home to build their nests in. To insulate their new dwellings, they will use paper, fibers, textiles, and household odds and ends they can carry. For this reason, mice are very rarely active during daytime hours.

House mice tend to eat frequently, and they especially enjoy consuming grains. Often, homeowners can detect their presence by the foodstuffs left behind half nibbled. Mice can also jump fairly well at 13 inches high, run along narrow cable wires, and use their claws to climb vertically up tough terrains. Most importantly, they can squeeze through holes often as small as a pencil eraser.

As these pests are hardy and can survive tough conditions, it’s also fairly hard to keep them out of a home. Unfortunately, even a spotless kitchen and a clean home aren’t necessarily safe from these unwanted visitors. Poor sanitation and a lack of mouse-proofing often contribute to mice’s ability to reproduce in large numbers and form colonies.

How To Handle These Pests

It’s essential to cut off supplies, especially food, that mice can rely on for survival. Practising good sanitation and keeping all foodstuffs sealed away is probably the most crucial step in controlling their presence. Mousetraps are also highly effective when placed in the correct locations, along with proper sanitation. Perhaps the most important aspect of mouse control is getting rid of any areas that may allow them to build nests and reproduce. Limiting hiding areas will make a home infinitely less desirable.

It’s crucial to seal off all entrances to a home where mice may enter. Due to their fickle natures and ability to climb through tough terrain, it’s important to seal off all entryways, even the seemingly tiny ones. Foodstuffs in the kitchen should always get stored in sturdy containers made of plastic that have a vacuum seal. This will prevent mice from hoarding food on a regular basis. It’s imperative to seal off meat and grain products in metal or glass containers as it will deter pests from entering a kitchen in the first place.

When dealing with a fairly small population of mice, using traps is a simple method of eradication. It offers a sense of comfort for homeowners knowing that they can safely dispose of the trapped mice and view their carcasses. Unfortunately, using poison as a type of control is not advisable. Mice will often take their food to eat in dark corners. Therefore, it’s possible that dead mice will build up behind walls and hidden crevices when they ingest the poison. Additionally, this method can cause noxious odours in the home.

The best method for controlling mice is practising good sanitation, storing away foods in containers, and sealing off entrances in the home. It is possible to mouse-proof a home, but it’s crucial to check for potential problem areas regularly. Though poison baits are also effective, they should always get used wisely and according to safety standards.

When using poison baits, always read labels and warnings carefully. Most importantly, it’s crucial to avoid using them in households with pets and young children. Of course, the safest and most effective way to handle a mouse problem is to hire locally trusted pest control services simply. The friendly technicians are experts in dealing with rodents and can offer peace of mind for homeowners in ensuring that all mice are gone!