PDF is one of the most popular extensions in which files are saved – mainly text ones. It is used very often due to its universality – Portable Document Format, created by Adobe Systems, prevails over others by maintaining full formatting of the document stored in it, regardless of the platform or device on which it is read.

We most often use PDF files when we want to be sure that a document saved in this format will remain unchanged, regardless of the device or operating system it is opened on.

It’s no wonder that PDF reigns supreme when we want to pass on a document with perfectly preserved formatting to another user, print a text without worrying about changing its structure, or easily recreate a presentation saved in a file.

However, the most common objection among users to using this PDF format is the fear of difficulties in editing the file in the future. Is it possible to edit a PDF file and how?

How to edit a PDF file and in what program should this be done?

The most popular method of making changes to a file already exported to PDF is to change its format to doc or docx in Microsoft Word or SwifDoo PDF.

Using this software, you can make basic changes to files – add punctuation marks, correct typos or make necessary edits to the text.

If you are planning more advanced changes, such as deleting unnecessary pages or combining several files into one, it will be a good idea to use the PDF Split and Merge application.

How to edit PDF in Word

Editing files with the PDF extension in Microsoft Word is very fast and intuitive.

Just run the program, then select File, Open and the appropriate document from the menu field.

In the case of this activity, we must take into account the possibility of changing the formatting of the file, but at the same time we gain the opportunity to freely change the content, delete or add it.

How to edit PDF on Mac?

Are you a MacOS user and want to know how to edit PDF on Mac ?

This operating system comes to the aid of recipients by offering a very easy method of changing a file with the PDF extension – just open it using the Preview application, which is built into the system in this type of computers, and make changes freely.

Make changes on your phone, or how to edit a PDF file on your phone

Do you value quick solutions that make it easier to make changes to already created files?

An important issue in this case is to determine the operating system on which your smartphone runs.

If you own an Android model, you can download many free applications that will allow you to make the desired changes.

Among them you will find the already mentioned Microsoft Word or the equally effective Xodo PDF.

How to edit a PDF file for free?

No matter what device you want to edit your PDF document on, you have a number of options. Importantly: most of the programs available on the market for making changes to files with this extension do not generate additional fees.

There are various PDF editors on the market, both free and paid versions, that provide basic editing features. If this is all that’s necessary for you, open-source editors are great alternatives; or for advanced users there is always commercial versions which provide greater editing features.

Among the solutions offering editing PDF files at no cost, you can find: SmallPDF, the already mentioned SwifDoo PDF or simply Acrobat Reader.