When taking pictures from a normal phone like a DSLR, Tablet, iPhone, they are not always perfect and they can be further edited and tweaked by certain photo editing tools.

There are a lot of users and influencers that use the effects from these tools to enhance and turn their photos into alluring and eye-catching images. An enhanced photo can gather more views and likes for your social media profiles such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Moreover, in this article, we will teach you how to convert a photo into a pencil sketch by using different online photo editing tools. We have narrowed down a few best tools and guides that will help you to convert your photo to pencil sketch.

What Is Pencil Sketch and When We Need to Pencil Sketch Our Photos?

A pencil sketch is an effect that turns your normal photo in to a sketch making it look like it has been drawn from a pencil and sketched. The difference can be seen on a large scale and the enhanced photo looks very realistic.

 Furthermore, these photos can then be turned in to eye catching and attractive images for a lot of people to view online. Thus, you will surely be able to gain more followers a like because of the good content that you post on your profile.

In addition to that, you will have fun with these photo editing tools when you apply more than 80 plus effects and filters on your photos just to see which one goes best with your photo. It can be a fun activity that you can even share your results with your friends and families.

Overview of Image to Sketch AI

Image to Sketch AI is an online photo editing tool that lets you add numerous effects and filters on your images. The tool is online, but it does not save or use your photos for any other purpose and it deletes them as soon as you are done with editing and processing them to be saved. Your privacy is totally safe!

How to Use Image to Sketch AI to Pencil Sketch Your Photo?

It is a very simple process. You only need to open the website of Image to Sketch AI and upload your photo on the “upload image here” button. You will be uploading the photo that you want to edit so, after uploading the image the system will provide with array of effects and styles that you can use on your photo to make it look realistic and amazing.

How to pencil sketch your photo with Photo Funia?

Photo Funia is software that allows the users to use more than 100 updated and amazing photo effects, filters, and styles for their photos and images. The benefit of Photo Funia is that it is not time consuming and it will provide you with a quick service and processing time.

How to pencil sketch your photo with Image. Online. Co?

ImageOnline.Co is another online tool that can be used to convert photo to pencil sketch online free. It can support a few effects and styles but the most prominent is the pencil sketch effect. Upload your picture and apply the effect which can be saved later on your mobile phone or desktop.

How to pencil sketch your photo with Moon Pic Online Photo Converter?

Moon Pic Online Photo Converter can be used to convert photo to pencil sketch in just a few steps. You can choose more than one file to upload and apply the effect. The files can be in the following formats either JPEG or PNG quality.

Moreover, the tool supports 1 to 100 qualities of photos for best quality and it offers more than 20 more cool effects such as turning photos to black and white gray scale effect and pure threshold black & white effects. It can also add the glow effect to your photos as well.


To edit and enhance photos is a very time consuming and difficult task. Therefore, we have been provided with a lot of different tools that offer us free effects, styles, and filters for our pictures. The steps and process are very simple that even beginners can use the tools very easily and efficiently. We hope you found this article very informative and user friendly.