Instagram is a platform where millions of people share their videos and images. Over the years, it has become the perfect hub where to share information, set trends, create unique contents, and make money. So it is only logical to see Instagram as the first place to look at if you want to know about other people’s ideas, hobbies, skills, etc. Instagram stories, in particular, offer you a fun and easy way to understand the users and their attitudes.

Instagram Stories are 24 hours lasting posts where photos or videos are uploaded by the profile’s owner. Since the story is visible for only a day, you may find it useful to save them in your device for a later, deeper look, either for leisure or to gauge your marketing tactics. In this article we will see how you can download instagram stories and save someone else’s stories from Instagram.

How to Download Instagram Stories?

The easiest way to save Instagram Stories is to record or screenshot them on your device. Both methods will not let the profile’s owner know that you did it.

Then, there are third-party websites that do the job for you, and one of the most popular is Picuki, which we have already covered in one of our blogs.

Picuki allows you to save Instagram Stories of any account as long as it is public.

About Picuki

Picuki is a platform that allows you to search Instagram public profiles free of charge, and without having to register. It is the perfect place for your marketing research, for you can find profiles by location, hashtags, or photo caption. Once you found the profile you targeted, Picuki lets you see his/her stories, and save them on your device.

Moreover, thanks to Picuki built-in editor, you can customize the photos you save by adding filters, cropping, zoom-changing, etc.

How to Use Picuki?

Picuki is the perfect tool to browse Instagram while keeping your identity anonymous. It is free to download and use, it works great on PCs, iPhones and iPads. There is no app for Android yet but it’s coming.

Picuki’s interface is very intuitive, simple to use, and quick to give you the results you expect.

Download Picuki on your device or access its official website, tap in the name, location, hashtag or photo caption of the user you want to find, and let the platform do the search for you. By the way, Picuki works well with other Social Media as well, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Try with Instagram users first, the search bar on top of the page is all you need to find the accounts you’re interested in. A piece of cake, right?

Is it Safe to Use?

Yes, Picuki is an absolutely safe tool to access and browse Instagram. It uses Instagram’s official API to provide the content you are searching for. It doesn’t exploit anyone’s rights, doesn’t ask you for money, and doesn’t even ask you to register for an account.

You can simply launch the tool and view Instagram’s content anonymously. Picuki lets you view anyone’s profile, posts, stories, locations, tags, and everything else that’s available on Instagram. The only limitation is that it doesn’t work with private profiles.

Can We Download Private Instagram Profiles?

Technically, no. It is quite complicated to download content that is not shared publicly on Instagram.

However there are a few platforms on the Internet that allow you to do that. In this article we will focus on Instagram Private Video&Photo Downloader, a free and fast tool that may serve that purpose.

To download the Instagram private videos or photos you need the page source of that video or image that you want to download.

Basically, what these tools do is to generate the page source for the private content you want to download, based on the URL of the media that you must provide. However in this case you have to log in into your Instagram account, so this works only if you have one, and if that account of yours is the same who is following the user’s profile you are targeting for view.

We do not guarantee the complete success of this method, and strongly recommend you to focus your attention on public profiles, which are millions on Instagram, to do your marketing research or to satisfy your curiosity about that individual’s life.


As of 2022 Instagram Stories boast more than 500 million daily users, which is the largest number any Social Media has ever achieved, if we think that when Instagram Stories was launched in 2016, Snapchat was the king of that tool. Now that app dwarfs its 293 million daily users in comparison to the success Instagram achieved in terms of traffic, users, and content.

Instagram users under 25 use the stories on an average of 32 minutes daily, while the over 25 use it for 24 minutes per day.

So we can definitely state that Instagram Stories is at the moment, the place to be whether you are promoting your brand, or are looking to convert users into customers for your business.

For these reasons, it becomes paramount to be able to save images and videos from public accounts. Since you can’t do it directly via Instagram for privacy reasons, here comes tools like Picuki to do the job! And saving content from other users doesn’t necessarily breach that user’s privacy, as long as you use that content for legitimate purposes, for instance for your personal research, to save a friend’s memory, or to keep a celebrity in your device as an inspiration.