If you are an Instagram user then surely you also know that videos posted on IGTV can be easily saved in the Instagram app itself.

However, many people want to download IGTV Instagram directly to the photo library. So this article will introduce both methods in an easy-to-understand manner.

Rest assured that you don’t have to worry about notifications being delivered to the other party using either storage method.

The method to download IGTV to your device

The way to save in the Instagram app introduced above is very easy, but if the poster deletes the video, it will also be deleted from the application.

If you want to avoid such a risk, please save it directly to your device.

When doing from iPhone

  • First, open the video you want to save and tap “…” → “Copy Link”.
  • Then go to IGTV Instagram DownloaderSnapInsta.App, select download IGTV video then paste the video link in the white box and press “Download”.
  • Once the IGTV preview is displayed, tap “Download Video”.

Then, depending on the length of the video, the file will be downloaded in a few seconds to several tens of seconds.

When doing from Android

There are several apps to save IGTV on Android, but all of them can only be saved in the app and not on the device. Therefore, if you delete the video from the app or uninstall the app, the saved IGTV video will also be deleted.

So, in this article, I will introduce how to save with Instagram Downloader SnapInsta.

  • First, open the video on IGTV and tap “︙” → “Copy link”.
  • Then go to Instagram Downloader SnapInsta, select download IGTV then paste the copied link and tap “Download”.
  • When the video preview is displayed, tap “Download video”. In addition, before downloading you can review and then decide to download.

Now you can save it directly to the gallery. You will see how to download IGTV videos on iPhone and Android with similar steps and not too much difference. If you want to use the app, search “SnapX” on Google Play, install and use it (SnapX can also download Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter videos, very convenient, isn’t it)

When doing it from PC

  • First, go to the browser version of Instagram and click on the IGTV video you want to save.
  • Then click “…” → “Copy link”.
  • Then go to the SnapInsta website, select the IGTV icon.
  • Then paste the copied link and click “Download”.
  • When the video preview is displayed, click on “Download video”.

This will save the IGTV video on your PC. And if you use Chrome on your PC, SnapInsta also has an extension so you can download Insta videos and photos in just 1 click after installation.

Detailed instructions on how to download IGTV in Instagram app

  • After opening an IGTV video, tap “…” and select “Save”.
  • The video is saved to the Instagram gallery.
  • Open Instagram, tap the profile tab at the bottom right of the screen, and go to the ellipsis menu → “Saved”.
  • You can then watch the saved video on IGTV.

If you can’t find the saved video, please make sure that the IGTV login account and Instagram login account match.

Causes and Fixes for Failed to Save IGTV

  • If the page is displayed as unavailable

If you cannot save the IGTV video, try pasting the copied link into the address bar of Safari or Chrome.

At this point, if the message “This page is not available” is displayed even though the video has not been deleted, there is a temporary problem on the Instagram side.

Please save it for a while.

  • Video Length

Up to 4 hours of video (Instagram archive) posted on IGTV.

The longer the video you want to save, the longer it will take to download, so if you want to save the video for a long time, please wait about 10 minutes.

  • Unable to save using Clipbox

Previously, the main method to download IGTV iPhone was to use Clipbox, but now when I try to save it, “Cannot open file” is displayed and I cannot save.

Therefore, please save using the file application and download page explained on this page.


That’s all for how to save IGTV.

As of September 2021, you can leave Instagram on IGTV, but you can also save it by following the process in this article.