To make the right preparation at home, follow the expert’s step-by-step instructions. You can’t even put together your lips, then apply the foundation, lubricate all the lipstick and blend the contours. Whatever style you use, use cosmetics in strict order. For the perfection, you just need to follow makeup rules, guided by the specialists.


The hardest thing to do at home is adjust the soothing feel of the skin. It has to be as perfect as the stars on TV and magazine covers. Therefore, it is multilayered. But at the same time, it shouldn’t look like an unnatural mask, like the theater’s composition.

Therefore, study, remember and practice your hands:

  • Primer forming the foundation, the so-called foundation for applying any cosmetics. Unfortunately, many people have ignored it and have not achieved the desired results. It applies to all facial areas, including the eyelids, lips, neck and sternum.
  • Concealer and concealer used to correct visible skin defects, even through primes. Use acne and wrinkles, use patches, it has a thick texture. It is best to cover dark circles and bags with a soft, breathable concealer.
  • Selection of tonic products for all parts of the face, e.g. Grunning. If your skin is oily, use a dense, powdery texture. When dry in the form of a cream.
  • The cursor is a light correction that can be used to safely cover dark pigment spots or deep wrinkles. Note: it contains reflective particles.
  • Use a small amount of powder to cover all other cosmetic layers.
  • Blush can be used on the last lap to color it on the oak bone temple.
  • As part of the house decoration is the last step of the palette after using lip gloss, gloss, bronze, lamps.

To make yourself at home, you must learn how to cover the imperfections of the skin with appropriate cosmetics. Without it, there can be no perfect makeup.


Don’t ignore your eyebrow makeup at home. After leveling the skin, make sure:

  • Straighten your eyebrows with tweezers
  • Describe the contour
  • Color
  • Use wax or lipstick to restore shape
  • If it’s evening makeup, use sparkling products

Remember: makeup of the eyebrows is very important for creating an image.


The hardest step is to apply eye makeup at home, because using eyeshadow is a real art:

  • The first shadow layer is on the moving part of the eyelid and on the side of the forehead
  • Draw contours of loose folds on the eyelids
  • Spring
  • Second layer of moving parts from the only century of the century
  • Spring
  • Eyeliner, draw contours and arrows
  • Fill in the space in the inner corner of the eye between the up and down arrows
  • Curly
  • Coloring
  • Apply gloss or glitter

There are problems when choosing a palette of shades for shadows, consider the colors of eyes and hair and shadows, which will help create natural and beautiful makeup even at home


The last thing you need to do is make up your lips, maybe everyone at home can do makeup at home:

  • Ground spraying
  • Sketch account
  • The first layer of lipstick
  • Fabric (if you want to make cosmetics stable without cracking)
  • The second layer of lipstick
  • Lipstick

You now know how to apply makeup at home. Follow this eyeshadow sequence, multiple makeup and blurry lip contours do not cause problems.

The most important thing in this business is perseverance and patience. Even if everything can’t be fixed, you can still use a cotton pad or concealer to correct failed footage and then start creating beautiful images again, I think it’s worth it.

Finally, we’ve put together some tips to make your makeup look flawless.

Additional Tips:

When you start choosing cosmetic products and applying them to your skin, you will understand that perfect makeup is not just organized according to operating order. If you study videos, you can master them. Choosing a color palette is more difficult.

Some Master Tips:

  • To draw an arrow, raise the corner of the eyebrow, the line will be brighter
  • Be aware of the professional “breathing rule” in makeup at home: You can clearly distinguish your eyes or lips. Party and evening makeup can break the law
  • Glue the decorative strip from the outside corner to the temple to mix the shadows well, otherwise there is a risk of drying the shadows
  • If your eyes are facing each other, spread the eyeliner from the center of the eyelid and gradually thick the line. Conversely, if the eyes are far apart, the arrow is directed outward from the inner corner
  • When the upper lashes are black and the lower lashes are white, even home-made cosmetics can open their eyes and choose the inside angle precisely
  • There must be no distance between the eyeliner and the window sill
  • When you remove the pencil from its outline, home-made cosmetics can enlarge narrow lips

As you know by now, home-skin makeup is easy to do, but anyone can master it. The most important thing is persistence, persistence, strong nerves and adherence to professional advice.

Not everything is the first time, especially in terms of eye composition, considered the most excellent technology. But when you clap your hands and master the necessary skills, you will be surprised at how harmonious your image is. Now you can look perfect at business meetings, regular office hours and the best parties.