Email often gets bombarded daily by different companies that are trying to sell you something. Sometimes they might be from companies you know and other times you have a hard time remembering if you ever subscribed to their website. 

If you can’t remember the sender or it is completely unknown to you, the best thing that you can do is find out details about the sender. It is never a good idea to click on any links from an unknown sender as the sender might be a hacker. It can also belong to scammers that are looking to get your personal information for malicious intent. 

The best way to find out details about the sender is by doing a reverse email lookup. Email address lookup can be defined as finding details about someone using nothing but their email address. It can be done very easily online for free with the right tool. 

Part 1: Why Should You Do A Reverse Email Lookup?

There are several reasons that should discourage you from sending information back to unknown emails. Most of them are related to protect your privacy and make sure you are not scammed or hacked. 

1.1 Verification 

If you got an email from a company and you liked the product then, before purchasing it is essential to make sure that the company is genuine. With the help of a reverse email lookup, you can find out everything about the company. If the company turns out to be a fraud or scammy then, a reverse email lookup would turn out to be a lifesaver. 

1.2 Protecting Your Personal Information

You must have seen reports of people being scammed online in the news. Most of the scams are done by sending out enticing emails from scammers who trick you into sending them money. They can also ask you to send them their personal information in order to claim some kind of prize. 

To avoid that you would simply need to do an email reverse lookup and find out if such a company exists. You can also check if they are handing out gifts and they would also mention if they need your personal info for claiming your prize. 

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1.3 Staying safe from hackers

 Most hackers might just need you to click a link to get access to your accounts. It is a good idea to never open any image or click on an external link on the email from an unknown sender. If you can’t find any information about the sender the best thing to do is to delete the email.

1.4 Finding Old Friends

You might have an old email address of a friend or you have lost other contacts except for just the email address. You can do a reverse email lookup to find out their phone number or to check if they have active email. It is a very good way to get in touch with your former friends. 

Part 2: How Can You Do A Reverse Email Lookup Easily?

There are many websites where you can do a reverse email lookup but I find the best one to be CocoFinder. It is very easy to use which is why millions of people visit their website on a daily basis. It is also reviewed and sponsored by top news magazine leaders like Forbes, PCWorld, and others. 

The website is very easy to navigate. With the help of CocoFinder, you can find out their social media profiles and also their personal information and contact details. You can also get details about the educational background of a person. 

The process of performing a Reverse Email Lookup using CocoFinder is very easy and can be done by the following steps:

  • Go to the Reverse Email Lookup Webpage from the official website of CocoFinder.
  • Enter the email address and hit search.
  • Wait for the website to get you all the essential details of the sender.
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Part 3: Why Should You Use CocoFinder?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose CocoFinder over its competitors. Those reasons are listed as follows to help you get a clear picture.

3.1 No Need To Register

Most other websites can ask you to register to their website before they let you conduct a reverse email lookup. It can be time-consuming and often people are reluctant to provide their personal information and email to a website. You don’t have to face any such issues when you are using CocoFinder as they won’t ask you to register. 

3.2 Child’s Play

It is very easy to use CocoFinder as the website is very well-designed and kept things very simple for their users. One just needs to visit their official website and find the reverse email lookup page. Then they just need to provide the email and wait for the servers to fetch the results. 

3.3 Abundance of Data

CocoFinder has much more data than any of its competitors which is a very important quality of a reverse email lookup website. When you conduct a search on other websites, they mostly won’t return any results which can be very frustrating. On the other hand, when you are using CocoFinder, 90% percent of your queries would fetch results. 

3.4 Data Accuracy

The accuracy of the data is also very important when you are doing a reverse email lookup. Other websites provide you with false information which can be very damaging and makes the whole service useless. On the other hand, CocoFinder always provides you with data that you can trust. 

3.5 Your Data Is Safe

CocoFinder doesn’t store the data of its users and even the employees of CocoFinder are not allowed access to the data of the users. Your personal information and identity won’t be revealed if you use CocoFinder. The data that you searched will also be deleted after the search is completed.


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