The video business uses the phrase “AAA Games” to refer to high profile, high-budget games often released by large, well-known corporations.

Process for developing an AAA Video Game.

The game development process consists of three steps.

  • Pre-Production:

The game concept will be developed during pre-production. In this section, you will outline design and development needs. Furthermore, you will plan and coordinate the game’s development, including the supply and logistics. A successful pre-production phase requires effective project management. Starloop Studios focuses on prototyping, early decision points and flexible ways to manage risks on the client’s project. There are no setbacks in the process, which makes it smooth.

  • Production:

This is usually the most time-consuming part of the game manufacturing process. Collaboration between teams is crucial for a smooth manufacturing process, starting with the prototype and ending up with the gold master.

Starloop Studios has been producing games for 12+ years with a team of 150+ artists, software engineers, and designers. They are always on the cutting edge of technology and will provide innovative solutions for clients.

  • Post Production

Post-production launches the game production maintenance stage. This is where bug fixes are made and new features are added. The Starloop Studio employs a variety of tools and methods to improve communication, transparency, and performance, in order to reach higher levels.

Development time for an AAA Video Game.

AAA games now look like enormous theme parks. It is important to remember that to see a tree you had to click it and drag it there. Another person had to verify that the NPC was visible, use actual speech, and be able to stand behind the tree. It is a sequel if one takes at least a year. These will not be made in less than five year, so you might not see them. You don’t have to be a millionaire to get these projects done, no matter how many staff you have. Starloop Studios has the expertise and specialization to help you launch new projects faster. This will reduce development time and production times. Your ROI will be more visible the earlier you start.

Development Budget for an AAA Video Game

It is not up to you to go over AAA game costs, and to stick to big expenditures. For all critical phases, you will need to have many teams of professionals certified to help. One team will produce audio and artwork, another team will design the narrative and code the game, while the third will optimize it for the target platform. An AAA game typically costs between $60 million-$80 million to produce and release.

Starloop Studios offers a 40% discount when compared to in-house development. You won’t have to pay overhead. You pay only for the time their employees spend working on your project.