Digital marketing has become the go-to place to grow a small business. It’s easier than ever to write new ads and reach people worldwide. That’s why the industry is expected to reach a value of $786.2 billion by 2026.

Even though growing a brand online is easier than ever, you still need to have a digital marketing plan that helps you stand out from your competition. Keep reading to learn how to create a digital marketing strategy that gets results.

Understand Your Market

Having a great product is the only first part of creating a great business. You have to build a product that people want to buy and present your product in a way that connects with your target customers. You can’t do this if you have zero understanding of the market you operate in.

You can learn more about your market by determining who your customers are and what makes them tick. Figure out their interests, problems, demographics, and questions they ask on the internet.

You can use all that data to refine your marketing campaigns to appeal more to those people. It’s even better when you can segment your audience into separate groups with different interests and personalities. This will allow you to create multiple sets of ad creatives that appeal to those personality segments.

Set Relevant Goals

Your goal isn’t just to send traffic to your website. If you don’t have specific and measurable goals, you can’t create relevant advertising that helps you meet those objectives.

You need to figure out what you want your visitors to do after interacting with your marketing. Do you want to push people to buy products immediately, or do you want to lead them down a longer sales funnel?

Your ads and landing pages will change based on what you decide. Determine what you want people to do before creating marketing materials to ensure you know what you need to make the best ads.

Find the Best Marketing Platforms

Not all marketing platforms are created equal. While there may be general-purpose platforms like Google Adwords, some websites have unique audiences that won’t all enjoy what you have to offer.

Research your potential marketing platforms’ user base to determine what type of people frequent those sites. Take Instagram, for instance. These people won’t always frequent Facebook, so it makes more sense to create social media content and work with influencers on those websites.

By doing this, you can create tailored advertising that takes advantage of the types of content on those marketing platforms. Your messages will appeal more to that platform’s audience and convert more people into customers.

Monitor Your Competitors

You don’t have to start every marketing campaign from scratch. You likely have competitors who already use the internet to generate product interest. They have already done a lot of research to figure out what works for marketing.

You can use your competitors’ marketing tactics as inspiration for kickstarting your marketing campaign. Consider the following things when looking at your competition:

  • Top marketing platforms
  • Regular ads
  • Types of content
  • Social media post engagement
  • Public feedback from customers

The more you learn about what already works, the better you can optimize your campaigns before starting yourself. Don’t copy what your competitors do precisely. Use that information to create a unique angle to a marketing message and experiment to find a way to make it work for your business.

Choose an Ad Format

There are many ways to create ads on the internet. You will stick with text advertising if you rely on typical search ads. That’s also true for social media posts, depending on your chosen platform.

However, that won’t be the case for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. These are visual mediums you will need to put in some work to create great images and videos. Otherwise, you won’t get any engagement with your content.

You don’t have to stop with typical social media and PPC ads, either. You can also create long-form content on your blog.

This is useful in getting SEO traffic from people looking for your products. You can use it to get free traffic once you create the content and continue getting more traffic for as long as you retain your search engine rankings.

Track Your Results

You may not get results from your marketing efforts straight away. Assumptions you made initially may not end up being correct. This is even worse if you’re investing in paid ads and losing money.

That’s why tracking is a critical part of a successful marketing campaign. Tracking will allow you to see which marketing strategies are working. You’ll figure out which messaging results in sales and cut the messaging that doesn’t work.

Once you know which ads work, you can focus on optimizing those ads to produce a higher conversion rate. Repeat this process as much as possible to get as much of a conversion rate increase as possible.

Now You’re Ready to Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It takes a lot of resources to create marketing material that gets the attention of potential customers and convinces them to buy your products. Even if you can quickly reach many people, growing your business without the right digital marketing strategy is challenging.

Luckily, there is a process you can use that will help you create a great digital marketing plan. Keep it in mind to handle business marketing the right way and successfully grow your business online.

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