Are you looking for custom picture pendant ideas? The necklace with the picture is a symbol of our social status and helps to give a finishing touch to the daily outfit. Apart from this, the jewelry serves as a token of love and appreciation. There are many times when people want to buy a gift for someone and can’t find a good option. However, a custom picture pendant is a good idea in this situation.

Why custom picture pendant is a good gift idea?

We all know that jewelry is a nice present, especially when customized. But it’s vital to keep the gift budget-friendly. So, in this situation, you can customize a necklace to look elegant and classy. However, if you already have a necklace, put your desired picture inside the pendant.

Best time to gift a custom picture pendant:

You can gift the jewelry on any occasion. But here we are giving the ideas about the time that is best to provide a picture pendant as a gift:

  • When you are confused about the Christmas present, then a necklace engraved with the picture is a good idea
  • If your best friend is giving birth, then it’s a good idea to gift a necklace with good memories
  • When it’s Mother’s Day, and you want to treat your mother in an emotional way
  • If you are confused about jewelry design, then it’s a good idea to buy a custom picture pendant
  • When you are dealing with the hard times, it will be helpful to have engraved memories with you.

We can say customized jewelry and necklaces are always good. You can use a gold or silver chain to pair the picture pendant.

Custom picture pendant ideas: Design your necklace:

It’s always meaningful to receive a necklace as a gift. But it would be more memorable if the jewelry piece had an emotional attachment. However, engraving a picture in the necklace is always a good idea to give special treatment to someone. If you want to impress a custom picture on the pendant, then you can follow these ideas:

Custom picture pendant gift forPicture ideas
If it’s for a girlfriendYou can engrave a special moment in the pendant
For motherThere is nothing better than a mother-daughter memorable picture
For your daughterYou can engrave a childhood photo
If it’s for the wifeYou can choose a wedding picture or family picture
For best friendIf it’s for the best buddy, you can engrave a childhood, school, or college memory when you had a fun time.

We can say that jewelry is a very flexible gift, especially the custom picture pendant. There are many services where you can place an online order for a custom picture pendant. But the ideas vary according to the person to whom you are gifting jewelry.

Design a custom photo pendant:

If you don’t want to use any service, then in this guide, we will teach you to make it at home. So, follow these steps to make the custom pendant at home.

  • Gather material like pictures, computer, scanner, printer, glue stick, and cutter
  • For a custom picture pendant, you can use the following surfaces
Metal pendantsWood pendantsScrabble tiles
Poker chipsBottle capsStiff cardboard etc.
  • After selecting the surface, take a print of the desired photo that you want to print on the pendant.
  • Trace glass cabochon over the picture
  • Cut out the photographs by using scissors or a cutter
  • Use glue to attach the picture and pendant surface
  • Now apply glue glass cabochon at the photo pendant
  • At last, place the custom picture pendant into the necklace

Pro tip: If you want a necklace for personal use, DIY is good. But if you’re going to gift it to someone special, it’s advised to use an exceptional service.