Creating t-shirt designs that sell plays a big part in your success with print-on-demand. But how do you create successful designs when you’ve never sold t-shirts online before? It’s not impossible to make a t-shirt that sells. And with these tips, creating a good strategy just got easier. 

Find a Niche for your T-shirt Business

As an e-commerce entrepreneur looking to build a successful t-shirt business online, finding a niche for your business can help. When you create a truly unique t-shirt shop, whether in terms of brand image or the products available, your chances of success are significantly higher. 

While there’s nothing wrong with that, a huge opportunity is a cross niche. 

When you target the right people, you tap into a passionate audience that many marketers fail to target. And with less competition, you now have room to win bigger. 

For a cross niche to be profitable, it must first make sense. If it doesn’t make any sense, avoid it. 

Customer Research

If you don’t research your client before designing a t-shirt, you’ll have designs that nobody wants. Successful designs are rarely invented. It usually requires extensive research about the client. 


  • What do they think? 
  • How do they act? 

And even what their fears, hopes, and beliefs are. To some, this may sound like a chore. That’s why most designs look patched together.

Design Alike Popular t-shirt designers

When looking for design ideas, most sellers focus on designs in their niche. Port Authority Clothing is a brand having a massive catalog of t-shirts. If you are in this phase, look for the brands like this. 

You can find unique designs in a variety of niches. This offers more opportunities to get creative with your designs while reducing the chances of copying a design within the same place. Look beyond your niche to find successful designs in other niches. 

Provide an Option of Customization

The demand for t-shirts with printed slogans or logos of movies, games, and TV series has increased significantly. But the days when only t-shirts were bought are long have gone. Today, companies, especially startups, use t-shirts as part of their branding strategy to increase their brand’s visibility and grab people’s attention. 

T-shirts also play a vital role in creating social awareness, raising your voice, and supporting a cause that positively impacts market growth. 

Source Your Products

After you’ve validated the designs for your online t-shirt business from ApparelinClick or any other brand, take some time to consider where you’re sourcing your t-shirts from. It is better to buy high-quality t-shirts for your store inventory because you will have a superior customer experience that rivals your competition. 

One way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to source the highest quality products your business can afford. If your customers find their t-shirts shrinking or tearing after multiple wears, it will give your e-commerce store a bad name. 

Set Prices 

Another aspect of starting a t-shirt business is determining the price of your products. Consider the purchase price plus the cost of printing the designs. Assuming you want to sell at a 50% margin, multiply the total cost by 2 to get your unit price.

Say you buy 40 t-shirts for $200, and it costs you $400 to print a single color design. In this case, you paid $5 for a t-shirt and $10 to have the design printed. 

It would be ideal to sell the shirt for $30-35. You can even charge more for a high-quality t-shirt. 

This simple strategy will help you set the best price for your product. Remember! Research well before setting a price. 

Finally, a Marketing Strategy

Now that you have a great t-shirt design idea and have started a business or website to sell the design, it’s time to market it. You need a solid strategy. Since you intend to sell t-shirt designs online, you will be automatically reminded of SEO best practices. 

They will also look for influencers who can talk about your t-shirt designs online. They can help you increase your sales significantly. 

If someone else is reviewing your design, they’re likely to see areas for improvement. 

Your Lavish T-Shirt Store Is Ready!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an epic designer to create unique designs. Ultimately, converting designs requires extensive research of your audience first. And a keen eye for other successful strategies that you can emulate to start your successful design. 

So, what are you waiting for! Start working on tactics to boost your t-shirt business.