Modern kitchen acts as a calm backdrop to busy kitchen commotion. There are a number of ideas to approach a modern look, from gleaming stainless-steel finishes to natural woods. 
Here are few ideas that can help you to get a modern kitchen given below – 

Updated Appliances 

The use of stainless steel appliances would be an easy update in this realm. Stainless steel not only offers cutting-edge but also sleeker styles. Update your tap with a 3-in-1 tap which would provide you hot, cold and boiling water. A 3-in-1 tap from a reputed brand like Hanstrom would be a fabulous addition to any kitchen. 
Warm and Neutral Colors 
Color of the kitchen is very important to have a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Warm and neutral colors will create a welcoming atmosphere and provide a great foundation for your kitchen units and accessories to stand out. Look for tones like soft beige and creamy white, or add a splash of color with pastel tones like pale pink, powder yellow, and a baby blue. 
Simple Cabinet Styles 
Modern kitchen is all about keeping it simple and one of the most important parts of the kitchen is the cabinet. The easiest way to pull off a modern kitchen design is to update or reface your cabinets with simple styles. Modern style kitchens pair simple cabinet door styles with new colors. Go for something ordinary, like a patterned or textured look with two different colors.. 
Improved Countertops 
If you’re redoing your kitchen, give time while choosing countertops. You can improve your countertops with simple designs that highlight the superior materials. A granite countertop can give even the most modest kitchen a touch of luxury. But if you want something more affordable than that you can choose quartz or Corian solid surface countertops. 
Fun Backsplash 
Earlier, the backsplashes of the kitchen were either left out or installed only as simple displays of design to keep the kitchen clean. But nowadays, people are doing more with white subway tiles and opting for something with a pop of color to bring some personality to the room. There are many tiles that can help you to give a fun look to your backsplash like – hexagon tiles, picket tile, penny tile, and square format tile. 

Sleek Hardware 
To match the simple cabinet style modern kitchen should have sleek hardware and it can keep with the simple design scheme. When it comes to your accessories, you should have pulls rather than knobs and silver rather than brushed bronze. Again, the key is to place focus on the materials, so limited use of decorative accessories help to keep the style clean and open.