March in India is already reminding us of summer with heavy hot weather. As the climate heats up and most of us are living at home due to lockdowns, it is time to catch up on all the movies and your favorite series through streaming platforms in our living rooms. Ahh, the living room is such a pleasant place and the most happening place in your home. The fact that most of us love the living rooms is due to our television.

The television gathers everyone in the family in one place. We have furious game nights, tensed sports days, binge and movie nights with our loved ones. That made it super tough to look out for living room decorating ideas that check every box for enjoying a low-key night or day.

So, how to light up your living room for binge and movie lovers?

People think to compromise within a space that glances good and adapts your beloved activities. But you don’t need to do it.  By the way, you don’t need to take out bundles of money from your pocket too. To prove this whole point we are going to discuss our favorite tricks and tips to decorate your living room.   Scroll down to know how to watch your favorite movies in absolute comfort and style. 

1.Best Seating Setup to watch your favorite film or series

Everyone got their favorite binge to watch.  Right from reality shows, movies, series to cartoons for our kids everything is on our television these days. While you have everything fixed up to watch something you like to watch it from a soft and comfortable sectional sofa. Sitting in your favorite place and watching your favorite thing can make you rewatch or force you to sit on the sofa even if you don’t feel like watching the movie. 

Didn’t you got a sofa in your home or if you have too many people in the room then the sofa isn’t going to be enough, then take out sofa from your checklist. 

However, you don’t  need to have plenty of seating or not having any special seating is also good enough. 

For getting binge-watching magic, you should need a special arrangement which  lets you shift within lounging and sitting up. This means you can have a simple sofa, recliner chairs. For much extra seating, you can bring normal chairs or bean bag chairs that are ideal to scatter across your room that bring a super comfy look to your home.

If you are like most people that like to lay back or stretch their legs comfy while  watching a movie then lay an area rug or even a comfy blanket. Yes, most people like to lay on the floor. Where AviLiving has a fantastic deal for your comfort. 

Classic shaggy rug from Aviliving

A Classic shaggy rug from Aviliving that is purely made by 100% organic cotton and polyester pile rug that 

features a luxurious creamy shade, to layover


Look at this multicolored Vibgyor carpet dhurrie, that knows how to please everyone’s moods with its soft texture. Lay it on the floor and watch how people lay on it without asking them to lay over.

This Plush Diamond carpet can leave a classy and cozy look in your living room without even trying.

Not just an area rug you can even throw a comfy blanket on the floor. It is yet the best option to try when you need that extra comfort for yourself or your kids.

Look at this Twill cotton blanket that looks stunning and soft that makes it perfect for a movie night.

Or, even a maple cotton blanket like this is even a fun option to throw that easily blends in your living room furniture or even your floor.

Aviliving blankets or area rugs are made with 100% organic cotton and polyester piles which make them harmless and good comfort seekers for your loved ones. AviLiving blankets and  rugs got a visual and versatile visual appeal, that make this perfect to  give a pleasure for watching movies over it. Perhaps you will choose it rather  than a sofa?

2. For focused movie lovers

If you are binge-watching lonely or a huge movie buffer who needs their own space – an armchair could surely assist you in this issue.  But your chair can be tough to sit which makes you stand once in a while but you can pad them and make your favorite chair super comfy. 

Look at this Floor chair bunny pad from Avi Living which has cute rabbits and floral design all over it. Match AvLiving colourful and stunning chair pads with your favorite or old  chairs to enjoy your personal space and enjoy like you are in a theatre.  Actually, more comfortable than a theatre, what do you say? 

3. It’s time to Keep It Comfy

Now we know actually solved the huge issue which is seating: it is time to make your spaces more comfortable. Fill up the home theatre with lots of blankets and throw pillows. In terms of cushions, more is fun and needed. Nothing can beat a good TV marathon in a comfortable fort that you set for yourself.

You don’t need to have huge spaces for doing this. All you need is just creativity with fun loving ideas , and few Sci-fi-looking improvements. You don’t need to throw your existing furniture. Keep them but add things such as a lively and fun looking fluffy cushion which can  simply turn your sofa or a small sectional area that’s excellent for binge-watching movies.

Look at these cushion covers from AviLiving that will surely change the way of your home and give immense comfort. Throw these handloom cushions on the sofa, or on the floor even on your chair as you like. Hug them, kiss them and cry on them. AviLiving cushion covers made of organic cotton you feel like you are hugging a cloud.

A throw blanket is trending from some time — Avi Living throws collections stocked with cool and trendy, light throws that are great to wrap yourself, your legs with a comfort and warm layer from AviLiving that serve as an interior design tool for your home. Either you’re seeing a series or a movie  during the night or day, building ambience is crucial. 

Why don’t you even add a sustainable tassel basket from AviLiving in the corners of your living room and organize  all of your throws and blankets in it or even add some snacks like popcorn and mobiles in the basket so you can take from it easily rather than throwing it around. 

By this way, you are  elevating binge-watching games and even your living room spaces through AviLiving as an interior design magazine mode as you desire. What are going to binge, then?