Cable TV bills have been facing major price hikes over the years. These faster-growing bills have turned people to other mediums to watch live TV and cut their cords. On the other hand, streaming sites and OTT platforms are grabbing people’s attention by offering interesting content day by day.

However, when you cut your cable you move to subscribe to other services to fulfill your entertainment needs which leads to a rise in your internet bills as well as the subscription charges you would pay every month. So where does the saving part go?

Well, we have better solutions for you that won’t make you cut your Cable TV or internet services and lower the bills too. Here is how you can keep your cable TV at an affordable price without compromising on your entertainment:

Bundle Up your services

How can we talk about savings and not mention bundles? One straightforward way to cut down on your cable TV and internet bills is by simply getting both the services bundled together from the same provider and paying a single bill rather than paying two separate ones.

Almost every household has these two services at least, so why not get both of them from the same provider. Most of the providers in the market offer decent bundle options keeping this need in mind. Our top pick for the best bundle options available in the market is Spectrum service.

If you already have Spectrum Gold for your cable TV at home you can bundle it up with the Spectrum Internet and you can get more than 200 channels with internet speeds up to 200 Mbps. With no data caps, no-contract policy, and a free internet modem this bundle has to be the ultimate choice for everyone looking forward to cutting down on their bills.

Not just TV and internet, you can also bundle up your phone services from the same provider and save up big time on your bills. And the best part about bundling is you’re getting all your basic home services from one stop so it’s hassle-free.

Cut down on the extras

If you’re actually worried about paying that many bills, just review your current cable plan and ask yourself if you really need that much on your list? Do you even watch all those channels that you are paying for? Do you ever get time to watch all those premium channels that are charging you extra money?

List down all the channels that you need, and also the ones that you don’t mind cutting off. There are high chances that you’ll end up keeping a small list of channels that you watch for quality content. Then switch down to a less expensive package that only offers channels that you need.

You do need to consider your other needs too. For instance, if you have got a package made up for all your home services including TV, internet, and phone. Then consider the need for each service. Internet and TV are something you cannot cut down on but are you really getting any benefit from keeping your phone service or you are just paying for it?

If you have an exceptional internet service then you can easily decide between cutting down phone service from your bills and switching to online platforms for calling. This will also give you relief from paying extra money every month, which too for no good.

Do not sign up for contracts

Cable contracts are nothing but a trap. A deal that might look very tempting to you at first can charge you a lot more lately. There are high chances that contracts always come with layers and hidden charges. You get to know about those charges once they are imposed on your bill.

Rather than signing up for a year or two long contract, you’re better off paying month to month off your cable service. This will also save you from an early termination fee in case you want to cancel a contract before its due date.

We recommend that you always go for a service that has no contract policy. It will save you from a lot of stress later and keep things simpler for you throughout you avail that service.

Contact your cable service provider and negotiate

We are sure after following the above-mentioned tips you’ll be able to cut down on your bills to some extent but if that doesn’t help you always have the option to contact your service provider and negotiate the prices with them.

Maintain a humble and friendly tone and mention your concern with the increasing bills, ask them to offer you a better package or make you a reasonable deal. If that doesn’t help then you can try warning them to switch to their competitors. This can surely hit on the target.

Nobody wants to lose a loyal customer so chances are that negotiating with your service provider can get you a cost-effective plan.

Wrapping it up:

Cutting down on the cable service is not a sensible decision at all rather than one must find ways to cut down on the bills instead. We have mentioned a few helpful tips you can use and cut down on your cable TV and internet bills too. So follow the tips given above and save money for your rainy days.